Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelorette Canada: Episode 4

Sharleen Joynt—FLARE columnist and former Bachelor contestant—shares her take on last night’s episode of Bachelorette Canada

Sharleen Joynt Bachelorette Canada

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I don’t mean for every recap of Bachelorette Canada to come off like some comparison with the American version, but I find myself having a hard time not noticing the subtle differences. Every time Jasmine displays the same taste as me—Humility? And noticing the humility? YES.—I get a teensy bit excited. Or how about when there’s a word used, for which I then have to google the plural tense, because I legitimately didn’t know it? (“Apparatuses”) Even every time Jasmine has her hair in some non-centre-part-with-loose-waves arrangement, I notice (with glee). Okay, so even Bachelorette Canada isn’t immune to groan-worthy McDonald’s ads, but something tells me McDonald’s is the sort of brand that offers something that no sane broadcaster could refuse.

David got a lot of airtime this week—in retrospect, something of a last push for him—but I found myself warming to him less and less. I have a suspicion David is not used to being overlooked and is not comfortable disassociating his musical talent from his identity. (This is something that, as a musician, I can sympathize with and relate to. However, if he wanted to be known for his talents, he seriously went on the wrong show.) There were overall too many mentions of David’s singing and music—a detail keenly picked up on by Jasmine—and his references to his circus activity being “the hardest one” struck me as salty. I think it was plenty evident that his “apparatus” was a hard one, and being a good sport about it would’ve made him far more likable both to her and to us. The thing about this show is, not everyone gets the same airtime, nor the same shot (at “love”). That’s just how the cookie crumbles, and frankly, if Jasmine were into him, David would’ve gotten his shot. No salt required.

The feud continued between Drew and Chris, though I’m still not sure I understand exactly where or how this feud began. I get why Chris doesn’t like Drew—Drew’s been pretty insufferable and that date card “joke” was downright nasty—but I can’t help but continue to scratch my head over what beef Drew has with Chris (pre-tattling, of course). I mean, other than the fact that Drew has deemed Chris a “dork.” However, while I’ve been very #TeamChris in this saga, I never condone tattling. It just never ends well for the tattler, does it? I do give Chris points for first asking if Jasmine would even want to know about someone being different in the house than towards her. (Most tattlers don’t give the lead that option.) However, when Chris said that he “stuck his neck out—that takes courage,” I regretfully must disagree. I’m pained to agree with Drew, but being courageous in this situation would have been addressing Drew directly, or at the very least standing up for himself in his own quiet, understated way. Running to vent to Jasmine—in their mere minutes of 1-on-1 time—does not a stuck-out neck make.

Sharleen Joynt Bachelorette Canada

(Photography: Courtesy Corus Entertainment)

My frontrunners this week? Same names, different order…

1. Mikhel, 28: Alright, alright, so I caved and finally slid Mike down the list and put Mikhel in his appropriate slot (at the moment). While I didn’t totally get the point of the begun-yet-not-resolved storyline about Mikhel “taking control” of his 1-on-1, this date was an overall very strong showing on Mikhel’s part. What I like about Mikhel is his consistency; I like that he didn’t suddenly become some alpha male in the latter portion of the date. He was his same, soft-spoken self, but loosened up enough to open up and show more shades of his personality… and his past. I ate up his family and upbringing tidbits and kept wanting to know more, which says something. He is innately interesting and doesn’t need to try to stand out; it happens naturally. (Jasmine evidently agrees.) Above all, something about how Mikhel looked away from the camera in an ITM to say, “It’s just a very weird feeling. It’s a very real possibility that I’m falling in love with Jasmine.” The way those words felt more like reflection than statement is what made them convincing.

2. Kevin W, 32: At this point I feel it’s impossible Kevin W won’t be at least Final 4. He’s never been completely brushed by the wayside (à la Mike—more on that below), he’d already gotten both a 1-on-1 and Group Date rose by Week 3, and he was a prominent character in Week 4 regardless of what was going on. We weren’t shown his 1-on-1 time with Jasmine on the football Group Date, but we were shown his quiet jealousy upon seeing Shirtless Mike. Kevin W is just always… around. He’ll obviously stay that way for a good while.

3. Kevin P, 35: First, I have to address how freakishly good at that Cirque du Soleil pole Kevin P was. Like, WHAT?? I get the impression Kevin P is one of those people who’s naturally good at most things, apparently including flinging oneself onto a vertical pole and sticking the landing like a strip of velcro. Kevin P balances out his suaveness (for which I still retain a modicum of wariness) with his quietness (according to his edit, anyway). He’s consistently removed from house drama and clearly possesses a quiet confidence that is really attractive. At one point on the circus Group Date, David referenced Kevin P being a frontrunner, which stuck with me. I’ve mentioned before that, during filming, it’s pretty obvious to all contestants who the frontrunners are. If the other guys smell it, it’s there.

4. Mike, 29: He may still be a frontrunner in my books, but I had to drop Mike to the bottom of the list. We haven’t been shown much conversation between him and Jasmine in a long time—last week’s convo (or what was shown of it) was mostly a recap of their first one—and I don’t think there’s even been a kiss yet. All we saw between them was a discussion about Mike’s eight-pack (where Jasmine totally lost me, interest-wise) which struck me as a not great sign. What was missing from their conversation that Jasmine would need to make that the focal point? Furthermore, let’s say Mike and Jasmine do end up together—why has he been next to invisible since Night One? If they’re a current happy couple, his edit thus far has been an insult to their developing love story. Previews show Mike finally gets a 1-on-1 next week (or at the very least a helicopter ride and a kiss) so here’s hoping he makes a comeback and doesn’t embarrass me for my early predictions!

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