Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor: Episode 6

The smart and sexy opera singer from Ottawa (and former contestant on The Bachelor season 18) shares her take on last night’s episode

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Raising a glass for love (Photo: The Bachelor Facebook)

Last night after finishing this episode I texted a producer to say, “This season is seriously top-tier entertainment.” Really. Just when you begin to think this show must have run its course, The Bachelor knocks it out of the park with a mid-season episode like this. Brimming with big personalities and their tears, this is sheer entertainment; escapism at its best.

By now it’s no secret that I usually have a beef to pick with either some contestant, an act of unfairness, or a display of sexism. My culprit this week? Chris, Britt, and that Big & Rich concert. In what world—even the skewed Bachelor world—is it acceptable to take one woman to a concert and leave five others waiting? I mentioned in my blog last week how often (and how long!) the girls have to wait. The date is not over until they’re told it’s over. Believe me, more often than not they’d rather be in bed.

On the tractor-race group date, Chris dismissed the other ladies to keep Mackenzie for a dinner date. On the MuckFest MS date, Jillian won her one-on-one dinner date. So why is it that Chris didn’t keep only Britt for the concert portion of the date and send the other five women home? Believe me, those five would have far and away preferred that to being made to dress up, sit in a room with no rose and spend hours speculating. I reckon they weren’t even necessarily that disappointed by not receiving the rose; it was more the disrespect of having been sitting ducks for an entire evening.

I don’t necessarily blame Chris. I’d wager sending the other girls home wasn’t presented as an option. (I hope that he at least tried.) So, maybe my anger is with the game, not its players. But I’m still furious about it.

My frontrunners this week?

1. Britt, 27: I hate to put Britt first. I don’t actually think Britt and Chris are a great fit. However, this episode shoved their obvious chemistry down everyone’s throats so I have no choice. It’s also hard to imagine Chris with anyone else after he and Britt, during the songwriting segment, were all over each other within a stone’s throw of the other women. It was painfully rude on both their parts. Thumbs down.

2. Becca, 25: First and foremost, I’m ranking Becca second since she was the only remaining girl not snubbed by Chris on the group date. Second, Becca is wonderful. She’s kind and wholesome while never seeming boring or spineless. Plus, her background Twitter image reads: “Compliment people.” YES.

3. Whitney, 29: Whitney’s one-on-one was still the most memorable for me in terms of her bonding with Chris on a deeper level. Plus, she got last week’s group-date rose. She’s not going anywhere. It still just kills me to hear her say she feels insecure being compared to someone as “gorgeous” as Britt. Whitney, if you’re reading this: You look like Blake Lively. YOU’RE DOING ALRIGHT.

4. Kaitlyn, 29: I feel like Chris really admires Kaitlyn, and I’ve long thought mutual admiration is essential for a relationship to function. These two share actual conversations in addition to hearty laughs. I adore Kaitlyn, but frankly, after Chris’s insensitivity this week, I think she can do better.

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