Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor: Episode 4

The smart and sexy opera singer from Ottawa (and former Bachelor contestant) shares her take on last night’s episode

Chris and Jade on their Cinderella date (Photo: The Bachelor Facebook)

Chris and Jade on their Cinderella date (Photo: The Bachelor Facebook)

Hoo boy. Just when I think I couldn’t be any more simultaneously entertained and offended by an episode, The Bachelor strikes again. Casting really outdid themselves this season in terms of girls who would bring drama. This includes—but isn’t limited to—ladies who aren’t afraid to strip down (and ruffle feathers), pout when things don’t go their way and/or talk about each other behind their backs.

I have to vent about this whole virginity thing. Since when does being a virgin suddenly make you “wife material”? Furthermore, how does the opposite of being a virgin automatically equate to promiscuity? To me, your choice to abstain is perfectly respectable, but should be your own business. It’s not the business of a man you’ve just met, particularly not as a tool to make him see you differently. It’s especially not the business of millions of Americans. I also believe that the more at peace you are with your decision—with any decision—the less you need to talk about it. Ashley I.’s constant agonizing made me feel like this is something that has sadly become a part of her identity. Also, her insinuation that other girls who haven’t abstained are therefore promiscuous reeked of judgment and bitterness. The whole thing made me feel a bit sad for her rather than make me respect her more, the latter of which I think was her intention. Ashley I. singlehandedly made “virgin” the drinking game word of Episode 4.

My frontrunners this week are…

1. Kaitlyn, 29: Nabbing a group date rose is never to be underestimated, especially when, like Kaitlyn, you’re two for two. Kaitlyn is a major frontrunner. Since Night One, she hasn’t gone into a single rose ceremony without a rose already, which beats even Nikki Ferrell proportions. In my season, Nikki got two group date roses in a row and then a one-on-one date rose in episodes three, four, and five, respectively. Add to that the fact that Chris shut down Britt HARD when she attempted to bad mouth Kaitlyn. His reaction really showed where his loyalty and affection lay. Of course, I’m all for this, since Kaitlyn is fun, cool, and makes for great television.

2. Whitney, 29: Whitney is such a class act. Remember last week, when I said she only really appears when Chris and the cameras come to her? Case in point: this week she was hardly featured at all, as should be the case right after your one-on-one. She’s had her time in the sun and lets the other girls have their shot. This shows her immense confidence—but never arrogance—in both her relationship with Chris AND in herself as a woman. Combine that with her one-on-one last week being one of the most chemistry-filled I’ve ever seen. Whitney stays.

3. Jade, 28: It was not at all surprising that Jade received the highly-coveted Cinderella (cross-marketing, much?) one-on-one, awarded by Chris’ three discerning sisters. Yes, she’s very sweet and demure, but she’s articulate. Best of all, she’s modest. She seemed almost embarrassed by all the attention she received, yet never ungrateful. I’m not sure I totally buy their chemistry, but their one-on-one really had a “first date” feel to it which I appreciate; they were just getting to know each other rather than jumping into conversations about how many kids they each want, as has a tendency to occur on these over-the-top dates. I like Jade.

4. Becca, 25: Another class act. How glorious was it that, in response to Ashley I.’s “virgin” debacle, Becca simply and quietly said, “I’m a virgin, too.” Becca is comfortable and secure with her decision and doesn’t need to advertise it. She realizes her abstinence is her choice and it shouldn’t make any difference in how a man views her. Becca doesn’t seek out attention, doesn’t use her time to talk about other girls, but rather, relies on her ability to carry a conversation. Thumbs up.

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