Sharleen Joynt on The Bachelor: Episode 3

The former Bachelor contestant shares her take on the third episode of Chris Soules’ season

Chris Soules and Jimmy Kimmel on last night's episode (Photo: People.com)

Chris Soules and Jimmy Kimmel get familiar on last night’s episode (Photo: People.com)

There’s no question in my mind that last night’s episode of The Bachelor was the best of all time. Jimmy Kimmel, guys. JIMMY KIMMEL. He came, he relentlessly mocked the series, and the show responded by playing along and laughing at itself. He called the ladies “sister wives,” mentioned the “sweet, sweet love-making” of the legendary Fantasy Suites, and made them put a dollar in a jar for every “amazing” uttered (God, yes). The whole thing was hilarious and fun and made me think for a fleeting moment that I walked into that casting call one year too early.

It would be impossible to discuss last night’s episode without addressing all the kissing. By Episode 3, Chris has kissed eight women—which I’m pretty sure is a record for this early on. However, I do not equate many makeouts with the guy being a dirtbag, though many seem to. In fact, call me crazy, but I see Chris’s high kiss count as a sign of his gentlemanliness rather than his douchebaggery. Let me explain: in almost every kissing instance, the girl made the move. Chris was the recipient and, in my eyes, likely saved many a fragile ego by not deflecting their advances. The circumstances are highly competitive and there’s a lot of pressure to make a move, so how would you feel if you finally found the courage to plant one on him only to be refused, on national television no less?

Don’t get me wrong; I think if there’s no real chemistry there, his refusing could be gentlemanly in its own right. All I’m saying is he’s not an A-hole for kissing—correction: for being kissed by—so many women. Especially when the point of the show is for him to find his fit.

My frontrunners this week are…

1. Kaitlyn, 29: The best part of the episode was easily Kaitlyn and Chris’s one-on-one to Costco. I honestly thought it looked like so much fun (I LOVE Costco), and I could do with all dates being activities as “mundane” as this. Kaitlyn really gets it. She’s smart and quick without ever coming off condescending or like a smartass. She can hold her own in the spotlight but doesn’t seem to seek it out or need it. Humour is a powerful tool, and this girl wields it like a master. I love her ITMs, too; she’s snarky while never being truly mean. This is an art. It’s official, then: if Chris doesn’t want Kaitlyn, I call dibs.

2. Whitney, 29: What I love about Whitney is the fact that she stands out only when Chris (and the camera) come to her. This is a very good thing. You never see her cannonballing into the pool for attention or aggressively vying for extra time with him. They kiss only when it’s natural—at the end of a full-day date—and notably, when he kisses her. I just think Whitney is such a lady, and Chris clearly thinks so, too.

 3. Britt, 27: At this point Britt is already a fixture. As I said last week, she has a star power that just draws you to her. That said, while I love watching her onscreen, I still (still!) feel like her moments with Chris are the slightest bit affected. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Anyhow, I suspect Britt is going to get a one-on-one any day now, so further research can and will be done…

4. Becca, 25: Kudos to the girl who doesn’t feel obliged to kiss. Becca hasn’t gotten a ton of screen time, but she’s been a subtle fixture throughout. Chris seems genuinely into her, and I buy their chemistry. I get dark-horse potential from Becca.

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