Sharleen Joynt on Bachelor Canada: The Women Tell All

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant from Ottawa shares her thoughts on last night’s episode

Get ready to share, ladies!

Get ready to share, ladies!

It’s no secret that I love the Tell All episodes. Some argue that they’re filler, or maybe a disruption in the show’s momentum as it barrels towards the finale. But what they really are is a gift to the contestants who didn’t make Final 2. This is their opportunity to alter (or reinforce) the public’s impression of them and, ideally, shine. You can defend yourself after hours of villainy (Lisa), prove you’re the exact same person editing claimed you were (Natalie), or remind Canada that you were ever a part of the show at all (Tyler Harcott).

Seriously, though. Tyler Harcott, where have you been? One thing that stuck out to me—and really shouldn’t have—was his sudden involvement, as well as his too-chipper demeanor. You can’t have your host go MIA for the bulk of the show, only to have him cheerily interview the contestants in Week 8 about their emotional meltdowns. All I could think was, “Who is he and what does he know?” There is no relationship built between him and the audience. I get that his disappearance was probably a budget thing (for his sake, I hope it was a budget thing) and I’ll admit I always found those staged interviews between a concerned Chris Harrison and the Bachelor/ette a bit cheese-tastic. But now that I’ve watched a season without them, I appreciate Chris Harrison’s empathy and the fact that they have those interviews at all.

Since I cannot rank an order this week, I’ll stick to ranking my most memorable moments. Women Tell All is all about the ladies, and this week didn’t disappoint…

A happier Kaylynn (Photo: CityTV)

A happier Kaylynn

3. Crying Kaylynn: Kaylynn managed several noteworthy quotables in her hot seat time. First, she claimed that she doesn’t cry that much in real life. I know that elicited eye rolls, but I believe her. In my Bachelor experience, we were all emotional wrecks. They might only show the big meltdowns, particularly those encouraged by alcohol, but everyone is cracking to some extent in that foreign, cut-off-from-reality environment. Second, she said watching it back was embarrassing. I imagine it was, just as countless of my on-screen moments mortified me. I felt for her. Third, she said you can’t prepare yourself for that experience. As much as people might think they know what they’re getting themselves into, no one can know how their mindset and emotions will warp under those unnatural circumstances. Kudos, Kaylynn. You made great TV.

Lisa (Photo: CityTV)

Never change, Lisa

2. That wiry, fiery devil under fire: Predictably, the girls laid into Lisa pretty hard. Lisa might be mean but she’s no dummy. She let the others speak instead of interrupting, actually listened, and pretty much owned up to her actions. My favourite thing about Lisa’s appearance was that she wasn’t suddenly a different person (ahem, Natalie). She still had an edge to her (“It would be pretty awful, saying that to your face”) but defended her behaviour with (mostly) reasonable arguments. (“It’s a human thing—not an awesome human thing—to make judgements on people before we get to know them.” No one can deny the truth in this.) She said she regretted kissing the Italian in Tuscany and I believe her. In the end, she was apologetic but not uncharacteristically so. Lisa did Women Tell All right.

Natalie (Photo: CityTV)

Pot-stirrer Natalie

1. The wannabe pot-stirrer: Surprisingly, the most entertaining segment was Natalie’s hot seat time. Natalie claimed she knew Tim wasn’t into her and returned only to cause trouble. Puh-lease! I’m amazed she thought anyone might believe that, but it occurred to me that in the months since filming, she’s possibly convinced herself that’s what she was doing, out of self-preservation. Sachelle rightfully called her out on having Wounded Ego Syndrome. Special mention goes to my original favourite, Jenny, who shot down Natalie’s “best self” argument: “I’m sorry, but your best self wouldn’t come back and try to play with these girls’ relationships.” Mic drop!

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