Sharleen Joynt on Bachelor Canada: Finale Part 2

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant from Ottawa shares her thoughts on last night’s finale

(Photo: CityTV)

(Photo: CityTV)

Before I get to last night’s finale, please allow me a moment to gloat. I SO called it from the first week, and seeing as how I predicted Andi Dorfman’s final man incorrectly, I’m damn proud of it. So, either the producers of Bachelor Canada are more willing to have a predictable outcome than their American counterparts, or my powers of prediction when it comes to the winner of a reality dating show—an immensely useful and not at all embarrassing pastime—are improving.

Obviously I wasn’t surprised Tim chose April, but what did surprise me was the overall shock from the internet. Even Trish had to admit, Tim and April’s connection practically jumped out of the television screen. They’re simply on the same wavelength—my own personal top requirement in a boyfriend. It’s either there or it isn’t. It’s an almost subliminal connection and you can recognize it instantly. It’s rare, making it impossible to miss, and while it can be emulated, it can’t be replicated. Tim and April have that natural, same-wavelength rapport. They just get each other.

One thing about After the Final Rose that I don’t like—and never have—is the host’s barrage of variations on “Why don’t you think he picked you?” (Not slamming Tyler Harcott for that; it’s par for the AFR course at this point.) It’s far more interesting and humane to ask Trish her current feelings about what happened, rather than rehashing why those things happened. She has undoubtedly analyzed the latter from countless angles on her own; no need to dwell on things that hurt. Above all, I can’t stress enough: the girls are not interchangeable. I firmly believe Tim was going to pick April no matter what. Had Trish been “more vulnerable”—the trait she feels she maybe lacked—it wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

Trish was a real class act in AFR. She wasn’t too proud to show her heartache and was endearingly self-deprecating, yet somehow managed to appear confident and poised. How many women can you imagine in her position, with the humility and humour to say of April, “She’s hot, hello!”? She didn’t even harp on the subject when she asked Tim, “When did you know?”—by now a standard runner-up question—and Tim conspicuously didn’t really answer. Fun, pretty, witty, and great television… the country’s first Bachelorette, perhaps?

On the whole, I thoroughly enjoyed Bachelor Canada. It felt real and not too drama-obsessed. I do think, however, that the episodes could be longer. I personally feel that when a show is about the development of feelings between people, it helps to show as much of those feelings as possible. That way, as viewers we’re more invested, and in turn, more shocked/upset/happy as the show unfolds.

Best wishes to the happy couple. Bachelor Nation, that’s a wrap. Thanks for following along all season!

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