Sharleen Joynt on Bachelor Canada: Finale Part 1

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant from Ottawa shares her thoughts on last night’s episode


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I’ll resist the very tempting “Trouble in Tahiti” jokes and state upfront that last night’s episode surprised me. It’s no secret that all season long I’ve believed April would be the last lady standing, but it hadn’t occurred to me that she herself might be the one to get cold feet, à la Brooks (or yours truly).

April’s conundrum is age-old in the Bachelor world. Is it really possible to truly fall in love and get engaged in the course of eight or so weeks? I mean, real love that stands a chance of lasting in the real world. Not contrived, made-for-television love, cooked up by über-romantic dates and fantasy suites, which doesn’t last after the alternate reality bubble bursts. Most reasonable viewers tend to have their doubts and the show’s abysmal track record of successful marriages doesn’t exactly dispel them.

Throughout the episode April was dropping one dose of healthy pragmatism after another, including:

“The thought of him choosing Trish after he’s made me feel so much confidence in our connection… is what makes me so fearful of just letting go.” (What intelligent person wouldn’t think this?)

“Time passes and he spends time with another girl, and… things change.” 

Funny how April, with all her perfectly valid fears and doubts, is not ideal for television. Shouldn’t these practical thoughts win us over? Isn’t she voicing what we’re all thinking? Yet, I’d wager many viewers are sick of her waffling, saying things like, “Hasn’t she seen this show before?” and “She knew what she was getting herself into.” But, whether you go on this show and are eliminated the first night or end up engaged, it’s never what you expected. And in April’s case, I doubt she expected to transform from a mature young woman to a frightened child over the course of a one-hour episode.

Even though I still think April and Tim are best together, last night’s episode stirred up some doubts of my own. So I’ll amend my prediction…

(Photo: CityTV)

(Photo: CityTV)

If April stays, April “wins”: While watching the show, I write notes that I can refer to later. Last night, during Tim and April’s one-on-one, I wrote: “Based on the fact that Tim is encouraging April to let her guard and walls down, he has to pick her.” They toasted to trust, for pete’s sake. Would Tim—or any conscionable person—really stress trust so much if he was not going to choose her? My theory is the same with April’s “I want to go home” cliffhanger.

April has more reservations about the process than she can keep track of and doesn’t want to “deal with thinking about how she’s feeling anymore.” She’s obviously not thriving in the Bachelor process. If Tim convinces April to stay, he’d have to be the biggest douche in the world not to pick her.

Some viewers might say he just likes April for the chase. Please. April is beautiful and complicated and, when she lets loose, very funny. Tim has seen something in her from day one. As I said two weeks ago, the magic word is “intrigue”—not “chase.”

If April goes, Trish “wins,” but not by default: I don’t think Tim would ever pick a girl just because the other went home. I truly believe that if April goes home, it’s because Tim lets her. And if Tim lets her go, it’s because he’s fallen for Trish. This would make Trish a Catherine Lowe-calibre dark horse!

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