Sharleen Joynt on Bachelor Canada: Episode 7

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant from Ottawa shares her thoughts on last night’s episode

Trisha and Tim

Tim and Trisha

They’ve done it again! I’m hooked. Whether it was empathy for April regarding her parents and her upbringing, pride for Tim for dropping Lisa early, or irritation that Lisa took it like such a sore loser, I don’t think anyone was able to watch Episode 7 without any emotional attachment whatsoever.

Trisha’s hometown was kind of adorable. These two giggle like schoolgirls when they’re around each other and while I have my doubts about their—sorry—“cerebral connection,” their time together is always effortless. (Not something to be underestimated!) By far the most remarkable moment was when Trisha confessed she was falling for Tim, and he whispered, “I fell for you a long time ago.” WHAT?? Once again, Bachelor Canada differentiates itself from its American counterpart; the latter would NEVER permit their lead utter something so revealing, let alone air it.

Another key difference between the two shows (they started out like identical twins and now seem like distant second cousins): The fact that the Bachelor and his date are allowed to travel together. It’s amazing that Tim and Sachelle were permitted to fly together to Sudbury. The flight may be quick, but that’s a lot of time together, where the relationship can develop, not caught on camera. I found their date pretty womp-womp, as usual. These two just don’t have chemistry. Even their kissing pales in comparison to Tim’s lip-locks with the other girls. (Ugh! Did I just compare kissing?? And use the term “lip-lock??” What is this franchise doing to me?!!)

Sachelle’s brother was clearly painted the villainous “bad cop” and had no problem playing the part, but he did have one surprisingly profound thing to say: “When you’re going to propose to somebody, you should be 100 percent sure you’re going to marry them.” Okay, so it’s more obvious than profound, but it must be reiterated time and again on this franchise. (Say what you want about Juan Pablo; there’s a ton of pressure to propose, but he wasn’t 100 percent sure so he didn’t. There’s something to be said for that.)

April and Tim

Tim and April

April’s hometown was very touching and while not much actually happened, these two took yet another huge stride forward in their relationship. You can see it as April opening up to Tim, which is was, but she really opened up to half a million Canadians, which I doubt she’d do if she weren’t invested.

Wow, Lisa’s segment was weird. While I actually respect her for remaining calm, she was WAY too proud. If she truly had feelings for him that could have resulted in an engagement weeks down the road, she would have fought for him. She was more willing to let him go than to grovel the slightest bit—not a good trait in a long-term partner. Tim flew to Calgary to dodge a major bullet.

Next week is Women Tell All! My favourite episode of the season. My prediction for last woman standing… (Need you even ask?)

Tim will pick:

April, 27: April is a gorgeous mix of hardness and vulnerability, but up until this week the vulnerability was still pending. She’s aloof and mysterious which I think is healthy in this scenario. Tim’s been so captivated that while other girls have readily offered themselves up, he’s put in the extra time to peel back April’s complicated layers. Her opening up about her upbringing and even crying (a bit) this week finally showed her vulnerable side, which in turn switched on Tim’s protective, nurturing side—a piece of the puzzle I happen to think every man needs to really fall for a woman. On top of all that, they’re at ease and laugh a lot together. What can I say? I think April should and will be Tim’s girl.

Tim will send home:

Trisha, 28: Dark horse alert! I never would have imagined Night One that Trisha, the “beauty queen” whose favourite book is Twilight, would be in the final two. I like Trish a lot. She’s lovely, doesn’t take herself seriously, and has an acute femininity to her that I think Tim is drawn to. The credits segment with the hockey stick was hilarious and showed their ease together. Tim clearly cares for Trisha, but I feel Tim is more intrigued by April. Intrigue is powerful, hard to place and goes a long way.

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