Sharleen Joynt on Bachelor Canada: Episode 6

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant from Ottawa shares her thoughts on last night’s episode

Last night's rose ceremony

Last night’s rose ceremony

Let me get this straight: The girls were taken to a bar? On an off-night, they were taken out, off-camera, to a BAR?!! I am so jealous. In my experience, we were taken out very occasionally, for a chaperoned shopping excursion or a mani/pedi, but never for a night out on the town. Based on this week’s drama, producers should take the girls out for drunken bar nights all the time.

I’ll get to the big, bad kiss(es?) right away. While I do think it was blown a bit out of proportion, it’s just a no-no. I mean, Lisa and Tim have gone on only one real date, and in real modern life, after one date, Lisa could drunkenly make out at a bar with a stranger with no consequences or guilt. Unfortunately for Lisa, this isn’t reality, and you just have to abstain from certain things (read: members of the opposite sex) during the Bachelor process. So, while I do actually believe that Lisa’s there for the “right reasons,” she could have exercised better judgment.

Trisha received the first one-on-one, or as Tim deemed it, by far the most romantic date he’d ever been on. Strong words coming from the Bachelor himself. I like Trisha but there’s something between these two I’m just not buying. I see the chemistry and basic compatibility, but when Tim is with Trisha he’s a bit more one-note than we’ve seen him with some other girls. Yes, he’s caring and romantic and ever the consummate gentleman, but his darker, wry side seems stunted. Also, I don’t really feel a complete equality with these two. It’s as though there’s too much power in Tim’s corner, with Trisha feeling far too “who, me?” about the attention he gives her. The way she said, “Dancing with Tim, I feel like the most important person in the world,” with tears in her eyes and a self-conscious laugh, it’s as though Trisha doesn’t recognize her own value and has placed Tim on a pedestal.

The date with Trish

Tim and Trisha’s “most romantic” date

The group date worked out almost too perfectly. I was surprised Tim picked Lisa’s painting—and therefore Lisa—but truly doubt Tim would have agreed to rigging that competition. I have to admit, Lisa and Tim have something. It’s palpable and real. As for Sachelle, she showed her backbone this week and I respect that. She managed to speak her mind about Lisa to Tim without seeming conniving or sabotaging. (Not an easy thing to do)

The Rose Ceremony was downright exciting. I never imagined Kaylynn wouldn’t get a hometown date, and I suspect she didn’t either. Since we’re down to four, here’s my top three and who I predict will go home next week:

1. April, 27: I keep half-expecting a curveball, something that makes me second-guess April as the last lady standing. Still nothing.

2. Trisha, 28: Could Trisha really be the dark horse this season? In addition to my opinions above, I have my doubts, since on Night One, Trisha’s one-on-one time wasn’t shown. Also, it’s unlikely Trisha’s a “beauty queen” by profession—she probably has a normal 9-5 and participates in pageants for fun on the side. But I personally think the use of “beauty queen” as her profession pegs her as one not to be taken seriously, competition-wise. If I’m wrong and Trisha is the last girl standing, I will happily admit I’ve been outsmarted.

3. Lisa, 25: It’s no excuse, but I’m beginning to think Lisa’s behaviour is a coping mechanism. I have no doubt she has female friends in real life whom she understands and who understand her. She has an abrasive edge to her and doesn’t seem to fit in with the girls who she likely considers “vanilla.” I do think Lisa’s bright and witty but she hasn’t fully learned a life lesson yet: the value of biting one’s tongue for the sake of getting along. All that aside, I think for Tim to keep her this week speaks volumes for his attachment to her.

Going home next week:

Sachelle, 24: For this far along, there is a distinct lack of chemistry between these two. Either that or the camera just refuses to show it. I think if Sachelle were a serious contender, her highly-anticipated one-on-one would have featured more romance than the two of them assembling a pizza and a conversation about Lisa.

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