Sharleen Joynt onBachelor Canada: Episode 3

The smart, sexy former Bachelor contestant from Ottawa shares her thoughts on last night’s episode

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist (Photo: Andrea Joynt)

Sharleen Joynt, opera singer, former Bachelor 18 contestant and FLARE columnist (Photo: Andrea Joynt)

I’m just going to come out and say it: I’m into Bachelor Canada. I’m into the fact that Tim cancels group dates on a whim. I’m into his confessing Kaylynn’s visit “highlights how rushed everything is here” (props to editing for allowing that). Above all, I’m into the fact that, in the interest of spending more quality time with the girls he knows he digs, Tim spontaneously cuts four girls instead of two. Can you imagine any of this taking place on US Bachelor? I can’t.

The first and sole one-on-one goes to “sassy” Lisa, and what season would be complete without the requisite extreme sport activity date? The “death swing” portion of this date felt contrived—Tim holds Lisa’s hand to “comfort her;” they kiss mid-air; they claim sharing an adrenaline-rush experience brings them closer together (sigh)—but I actually liked the evening part. I never thought I’d say this, but I actually buy these two together. Lisa brings out Tim’s snarky side which seems more “him” and way more appealing than the one-note über-sincere gentleman we’ve mostly seen so far.

The four-on-one turned one-on-one group date was predictable: The second that Sachelle was shown struggling we knew Tim would be taking her on the evening portion of the date. At dinner, Sachelle tells Tim about all the times she’s been cheated on while somehow remaining confident and never self-pitying. I like her.

The third date card arrives and it has the remaining six girls’ names on it—minus Kaylynn’s. Duh duh duhhh! (Seriously, though, isn’t it common Bachelor knowledge that the first one-on-one girl doesn’t get a date the following week?) Kaylynn gets all crazy-eyed again, except this time I’m pretty sure she’s sober. Turns out it wasn’t the wine and she’s just cripplingly insecure. The producers obligingly show her to Tim’s suite, where she attempts damage control for last week’s meltdown. Kaylynn, despite accusing Martha earlier of making her meltdown “about Martha,” tells Tim it was all her own issues. (Don’t worry, I can’t keep track either.) Tim says that’s big of her to admit and she sidles in closer for a kiss that never comes.


The six group-date girls don matching volleyball bikinis to receive the news that volleyball is cancelled. Instead, they will spend the day taking turns with Tim in a cabana within view of the other girls. Fun, right? Natalie continues to seem a bit too high-strung for my liking, Rileigh talks about shots some more, and April Brockman has had quite enough and seeks out alone time. Tim beach-runs to her rescue, thrusts his mic pack aside, and whisks her into the ocean. While I appreciated his spontaneity, I felt for the other girls. It’s not so much about his moment with April, but rather that this “date” isn’t over until they’re told it’s over, and until then they’re forced to sit and wait. (I’ve been there and it ain’t fun.)

Only seven girls remain after Tim sends a whopping four (!) girls home. My top picks among them:

1. April Brockman, 27: Do we even need to go through this rigamarole? Who doesn’t think Tim picks April?

2. Lisa, 25: I like the vibe between Lisa and Tim. It’s a off-beat, real and relatable.

3. Sachelle, 24: I think Sachelle brings out the nurturing, protective side in Tim. While they definitely share chemistry, I’m still waiting to be convinced of a more equal-footed and mature connection.

4. Kaylynn, 26: What can I say? If she hasn’t been sent home by now, Tim must really see something in her.

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