Know Thy Selfie: Study Reveals What Your Snap Style Says About You

Are you an autobiographer, a communicator or a self-publicist?

Your selfie habit might not mean you’re a likes-thirsty narcissist (yay!), but it does reveal a thing or two about what drives you. A new selfie study out of Brigham Young University that studied people’s motivations for snapping selfies found there are three main types of selfie-takers out there: communicators, autobiographers and, yes, self-publicists, and all have pretty distinct reasons for turning on the LuMee.

“Communicators”—like Lena Dunham and Lady Gaga—use selfies to engage their friends or followers in a conversation, usually about a cause they believe in. “They’re all about two-way communication,” explained study coauthor Maureen Elinzano, citing selfies during the U.S. election with the “I Voted” sticker as an example.

The “autobiographer”, on the other hand, genuinely wants to document moments in their life for the sake of preserving the memories. They share the pics because they want people to see them but not because they want to gain likes or followers. Think family man John Legend.

Finally, you have the “self-publicists”—the smallest of the three groups—who are “the people who love documenting their entire lives,” said study coauthor Harper Anderson. “And in documenting and sharing their lives, they’re hoping to present themselves and their stories in a positive light,” citing an example that surprises no one: the Kardashian krew.

So, which type of selfie-taker are you? Click through the gallery below for celeb examples then check your own feed for evidence.

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