Watch the “Bad Blood” Video Ft. Taylor Swift’s Girl Posse

Plus, editors share their “Bad Blood” names. One question for T. Swift and her crew: where do we sign up?

Nicely done, T. Swift. When the Sin City–esque teaser posters for Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” video started coming out, featuring Cara Delevingne, Selena Gomez and more as their “Bad Blood” alter-egos (see them all below), we were sucked into the buzz surrounding the May 17 premiere at the Billboard Music Awards. We predicted that these ladies would kick ass and take names, and it’s safe to say the video did not disappoint (signing up for boxing lessons ASAP). Once more, Taylor Swift has elevated #squadgoals to the highest degree.

Since each crew member got to choose their own name (my personal favourite is Gigi Hadid as Slay-Z), we decided to have a little fun in the FLARE office coming up with our own. Check out our “Bad Blood” alter-egos, and scroll down to see all the posters!

Alicia Cox Thomson, digital managing editor:Leo Rising, because that’s what my astrological chart tells me, and I’ve always thought it sounded kind of badass.”

Kate Dingwall, fashion assistant: Alley Kat. The number of animal photos posted up on my cubicle walls really screams cat woman (but maybe not quite the Halle Berry kind). Bonus: my wardrobe is littered with black leather, with a gaping hole where a latex cat suit could be.”

Cloé Behrman, digital intern: Scarlet Ghost. I’d like to think I’m the ‘silent but deadly’ type when it comes to people crossing me, and if I’m feeling vengeful, they won’t know what hit ’em.”

Gillian Berner, editorial coordinator: The Flame, because my last name is Berner.” 

Michael Li Preti, designer: “As FLARE’s resident Mariah Carey apologist, I’d have to go with Mariah Scary.”

Natalie McLeod, designer: “My last name is McLeod, so mine would be Dark cLeod.”

Michelle Higgins, digital editor:Miss Hell, because my name is Michelle, geddit…”

Caitlin Kenny, associate beauty editor:Niltiac. I don’t know, it’s my named spelled backwards and I always thought it sounded a little crazy ass-kicker-ish.”

What would your “Bad Blood” crew name be?

Cara Delevingne Bad Blood

Cindy Crawford Bad Blood

Ellen Pompeo Bad Blood

Mariska Hargitay Bad Blood

Selena Gomez Bad Blood

Taylor 2 bad blood

Taylor vs Martha Bad Blood

Jessica Alba Bad Blood

Martha Hunt Bad Blood

Karlie Kloss Bad Blood

Serayah Love Bad Blood

Lily Aldrige Bad Blood

Lena Dunham Bad Blood

Kendrick Lamar Bad Blood

Hayley Williams Bad Blood

Hailee Steinfeld Bad Blood

Gigi Hadid Bad Blood

Ellie Goulding Bad Blood

Taylor Swift Bad Blood

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