Reasons to Love Vancouver: Chill at World-Class Restos

The world's best food with none of the pretense—Vancouver's restaurants are super relaxed

Chambar Vancouver Restaurant Localist

Chambar’s newly made-over space in Crosstown perfects a high-end food/casual room combo (Photo: Grant Harder)

Vancouver’s diverse cultures produce international cuisine 
(the country’s greatest sushi chef, Hidekazu Tojo, and finest Indian chef, Vikram Vij, work about five blocks from each other) that’s grounded 
in a West Coast ethos of sustainability. Chefs forage mushrooms from the surrounding slopes and sea asparagus from the nearby shore, and
if they’re serving fish, it better be stamped Ocean Wise-certified by the Vancouver Aquarium. And yet, for all their intensity when it comes 
to sourcing food, their restaurants are the most relaxed in the land.

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