Top 5 Takeaways From Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 Previews

Your favourite super-optimistic former mole woman is back for more adventures and we're breaking down the Season 2 previews

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


1. She Is Still an Eternal Optimist
Kimmy’s unbridled enthusiasm for bunnies, Christmas, new experiences (like watching her friend try “nose candy”) and talking to strangers continues unabated, despite Season 1 hiccups—being held hostage for 15 years, having a backpack with $13,000 stolen during her first day in New York, being lured into an urban cult a.k.a a pseudo-spiritual spin class. To regular people, a bunny and kitty cuddling is cute, but to Kimmy, it’s a symbol of goodness in the world.

2. Kimmy Is Living Single
At the end of Season 1, Kimmy’s fledgling relationship with Dong was ruined by his green card marriage, and Season 2 teases her flirting with strange hotties in coffee shops (is there any better kind?) and embarking on a new era of romantic freedom, unencumbered by Dong’s neediness, rich daddy’s boy Logan and his entitlement or Reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne’s, well, imprisonment.

3. Titus Andromedon Is Still a Fountain of Quotable Wisdom
Titus: “Kembicile, what do I always say?”
Kimmy: “Don’t touch my dolls; they’re strictly look-upons?”
Titus: No!
Kimmy: “John Cusack got fat but I still would?”

Just when you thought he couldn’t top Pinot Noir. Never change, you glorious man.

unbreakable kimmy schmidt

4. Kimmy Starts Therapy
Well technically, Kimmy is reluctantly signed up for therapy by her landlady (the amazing Carol Kane) and her roommate. Will it be psychoanalysis, cognitive, behavioural, interpersonal or some New Age-y style version Titus read about on GOOP? Whatever the case, Kimmy, who has bravely turned a decade-plus of trauma into an optimistic underdog story, may be slowly realizing that the bunker isn’t so easily left behind and talking it out might do her some good. Progress!

5. Feminist Kimmy Takes on New York
It’s no coincidence that Kimmy escaped to a city where she can be, and do, practically anything she wants. In pushing back against the media’s “Mole Women” narrative, she turned herself from a victim into a survivor, and became the de facto inspiration and voice of wisdom to her bunker mates. Kimmy’s evolution continues in Season 2—she’s making moves in her career, continuing her education and demanding that the world give her the chance she deserves.

Bonus Track: Lose the Jerk but Keep the Perks
Jane Krakowski is back as newly divorced Jacqueline Voorhees, and Anna Camp is her younger, blonder nemesis, Deirdre Robespierre. (Watch out for other famous faces including Girls’ Zosia Mamet, Amy Sedaris, Jeff Goldblum and David Cross.) In a scene straight out of Real Housewives (a goldmine for co-creator Tina Fey), the two bond/passively aggressively insult one another over a glass of wine in the park.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 2 premieres April 15 on Netflix.


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