QUIZ: Which Gilmore Guy Would You End Up With?

Are you more of a Dean girl? Or are you ride-or-die with Jess? In honour of the Gilmore Girls reboot premiering today on Netflix, we've made a chic quiz to find out which Gilmore Guy you'd end up with

Gilmore Girls quiz

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Today, Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life finally premieres on Netflix, and fans will (finally!) learn Rory Gilmore’s romantic fate. Did she move back to Stars Hollow to live out a picket-fence existence with Dean? Join high society with Logan? Pledge a socialist biker gang with Jess? Or finally cop to her long-simmering, never-acknowledged, but totally undeniable chemistry with Kirk? (What, you didn’t see it?). Who would you end up with from the SH stable of eligible bachelors? Determine your own Gilmore guy by taking our quiz.

Your ideal date night is…

a) dinner, a DVD, a stroll around the block or to the town gazebo

b) a surprise road trip!

c) the tasting menu at Le Cigare Volant

d) interactive improv theater


You broke up with your last BF…

a) because he didn’t challenge you

b) because you couldn’t rely on him

c) because he treated you like an accessory

d) mommy issues


You dude’s celebrity style twin is…

a) off-duty Leo

b) Justin Theroux

c) awards season Leo

d) Johnny Depp


James Dean was dreamy AF because of…

a) his chic good looks

b) his rebel-without-a-cause persona

c) his perfect coif

d) his quirky sense of humour


Your preferred concert experience would be…

a) Mumford and Sons at an outdoor festival

b) Mitski in a dingy basement bar

c) front-row Beyoncé

d) anything with an accordion


Which best describes your dream proposal?

a) Rose petals and candles at the location of your very first date

b) Marriage is such a bullshit social construct

c) Top of the Eiffel Tower

d) Scavenger hunt


What about the whole kids thing?

a) A boy and a girl

b) Who knows? Right now I want to focus on my career

c) A boy, a girl and a nanny

d) Do cats count?


If your dream guy was a Kardashian, which one would it be?

a) Former Kim husband Kris Humphries, an uncomplicated bro

b) Current Kim husband Kanye, mysterious and maybe a little bit tortured

c) Recently reunited Kourtney partner Scott Disick, a charming dickhead

d) Brother Rob, constantly reinventing himself


Finally: Does your dude watch Gilmore Girls?

a) He got into it for me

b) No, but he doesn’t watch any TV

c) He pretends to, but he’s playing on his iPhone the whole time

d) Yes, he can recite entire episodes

Gilmore Girls Quiz

Your Gilmore Guy is Dean

The golden retriever of boyfriends, he is loyal, adorable, strapping and simple. You will buy a place in town and become the editor of Stars Hollow’s first liberal newspaper, which your grandma Emily will read, but only when her friends aren’t watching. You will have a weekly double date with Luke and Lorelai at Al’s Pancake World.

Gilmore Girls Quiz

Your Gilmore Guy is Jess

Passionate—yes! Permanent—well, that’s a little less certain. Your romance will be challenging and your dude will push you to greater professional heights. As a writer/photographer team for National Geographic, you will travel the world, visiting conflict zones and telling stories that really matter, until Jess stays back to get photos in a collapsing building (hello, poor judgment) and dies way too young. Oh, Dea-eaaaa-nnnn…

Gilmore Girls Quiz

Your Gilmore Guy is Logan

Together you will enjoy a glamourous life of travel, celebrity hobnobbing and five-star adventure. You have a part-time gig covering culture and society for the New York Post (thank your fancy father-in-law for the hook-up). Late at night you think about how you could be doing work that matters, but in the morning you feel grateful for the live-in cook (Pop Tarts whenever you want!) and the obscenely-high-thread-count sheets.

Gilmore Girls Quiz

Your Gilmore Guy is Kirk

Seriously??? Are you Kirk’s mom?

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