Q&A: Actress Shay Mitchell, Star of Pretty Little Liars

We sit down with the Canadian actress and rising star to talk about life in LA and secrets from the upcoming season

Q&A: Actress Shay Mitchell, Star of Pretty Little Liars

David Livingston

Backstabbing. Secrets. Scandal. Murder. And that mostly brings you up to date on what you’re missing if you don’t watch MuchMusic’s drama-fest Pretty Little Liars. Before season two kicks off on Tuesday, June 14, PLL’s proud Canadian Shay Mitchell, who plays the show’s gay swim champ Emily Fields, answers all but one of our most pressing questions. Not even insiders, it would seem, are privy to the identify of the mysterious “A”.

FLARE: What was your reaction to season two?
It only gets crazier from here. Some of the time, the girls and I sit together with some of the writers and they give us some clues. When they tell us, all of us get shivers. I’m not even joking. I’m like, I just got goose bumps.

Do you think that maybe we’ll see a returning love interest or maybe some new girls for Emily?
I think there’s going to be some returning love interests. I think there’s going to be some new girls. Let’s face it: Emily is on a roll right now. But I think we’ll see how her relationships further with people that she’s already in relationships with and then there might be someone coming back to Rosewood.

Did you have to do research to play a gay character?
I have a lot of friends that are gay, I didn’t feel like I had to do any kind of research. I’ve been in relationships before where I’ve loved somebody, I know what it’s like to have a crush on somebody, I know what it’s like to kiss somebody. So with all those things, how would it be any different for my character?  Even if she’s kissing another girl, she’s not kissing another girl being like, “Oh my gosh I’m kissing another girl.”  She is falling for that person.

What do you like to wear?
Dresses, high heels, bags, shoes. I mean if you ask any of the girls I am definitely the girliest. I embrace being a woman. I love all things pink, so my laptop, my cellphone, my iPad, my anything you can get technology-wise, I make it extra girly by having a pink cover. I’ve seen it growing up with Fashion Television. Watching that religiously all the time. Jeanne [Beker]—I mean come on.  All praise to Jeanne.

How are you feeling about the future right now?
I feel really great about it. I mean, every single morning that I wake up that’s just a blessing in itself to be honest. Looking out my windows and seeing palm trees, I’m not ever going to take any of that for granted. The fact that I have so many great friends and family to share it with makes it even better. Just talking to Canadians is so important to me. My family and my friends are there. I’m so proud to be Canadian. You always see actors who are like, “Canada, Canada, Canada” but there’s a reason for it. I love L.A. but I also love going home.

You need to have like the Canadian/Hollywood mafia in L.A.
We really do. [90210’s] Shenae [Grimes], me, I always see [The Vampire Diaries’] Nina [Dobrev] out. She’s such a sweetheart. We should all get together right? Join a big alliance. Drake, Shenae, Nina, me.

Shay Mitchell will be presenting at the MuchMusic Video Awards, airing at 9 PM on Sunday, June 19.

The season premiere of Pretty Little Liars airs on MuchMusic at 8 PM ET/9 PM PT on Tuesday, June 14.