The (Gilmore) Girls Are Back in Town: A Primer in 10 Scenes

Netflix fiiiiinally released the trailer for its four-part Gilmore Girls reboot airing in November. Never seen the original (k wut)? Catch up with our crash course

gilmore girls reboot

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Copious amounts of coffee, heartwarming mother-daughter bonding around a messy kitchen table, and a fall landscape that probably inspired the pumpkin spice latte— Stars Hollow is alive again with the sound of Rory and Lorelai’s rapid-fire banter in the Netflix trailer for the new mini-series.

Now let’s cram all things Gilmore like we’re Rory applying to all the Ivy League schools.


1. This is where it (literally) all began. Here, Lorelai shows us her diplomatic bosslady side while she navigates a busy Inn and Rory is #goals in cable knit sweater; the mother-daughter duo team up to charm someone into doing them a favour. Classic GG.


2. It was hard not to sympathize with Rory’s academic competition/frenemy Paris—she dedicated her life to Harvard and didn’t get in (meanwhile, Rory got into Princeton, Harvard AND Yale). We can’t blame the girl for losing her sh*t on live TV, but we also love that she and Rory had a healthy competition over their ambitions (and not over boys) and they pushed each other to greatness.


3. Rory’s BFF Lane and her mom were a level-headed antidote to the sometimes (read: all the time) overwhelming Gilmore energy.


4. Dean tried so hard to be the teenage BF of Rory’s dreams—building her a car, holding her bag while she spent hours in the bookstore—he was like a sturdy piece of furniture. Though they broke up (quite dramatically at a dance), Rory and Dean managed to stay (perhaps inappropriately) emotionally attached to each other. It culminated in Rory losing her virginity to Dean (while he was married to his rebound!)… and her mom awkwardly walking in on them post-hookup.


5. The brooding yin to Dean’s earnest yang was Jess, Luke’s nephew who was obviously a bad boy (in all the good ways). Breakups, makeups, disappointment, forgiveness, a disappearing act and dramatic “I don’t care who hears me” fights on the streets…. ahhhh, the exquisite angst of young love.


6. Didn’t Logan prove what we already secretly suspected: he’s totally a “public proposal” kind of guy. (And when he doesn’t get his way, he takes his toy and goes home.) BOY BYE.


7. Lorelai also sees her fair share of action: an engagement to Max, a quickie marriage to Rory’s dad Christopher and a complex friendship and romance with town coffee purveyor Luke. Get it, Ms. Gilmore. In this scene, she tells news of her engagement to BFF Sookie, played by Melissa McCarthy, who totes steals the scene. (Psst: McCarthy just confirmed she’s joined the cast for the reboot! Dreams DO come true!)


But let’s not get distracted by boys… we’re here for the major mother-daughter bonding:

8. A spirited debate at Friday night dinner with the WASP grandparents.


9. Pizza, ice cream and the mother-daughter dynamic in reverse.


10. It was hard to believe that Lorelai and Rory could go eight minutes (much less months) without speaking to one another, but their bond was the real love story of the series. And we can’t wait for all the happy-cries we’re in for when GG relaunches in November!


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