8 Times Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls Was Us (In GIFs)

Rory’s frenemy is arguably the most underrated character on Gilmore Girls; here are eight GIFs to help you appreciate—and share—her majesty

Paris Geller, Rory Gilmore’s enemy-turned-bestie, is one of our fave characters from Gilmore Girls. This quote-worthy gal’s sassy comments and quick comebacks will have you in hysterics while you casually think #same. With the arrival of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Netflix today, here are eight amazing Paris Geller GIFs.

1. When she dished out the real talk 



2. When she was a little boy-crazy 



3. When she asked the right question #same



4. When she admitted her flirt game was hella weak 



5. When she refused to back down



6. When she had big plans 



7. When she was not equipped for adulating



8. When she had some v. useful life advice 



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