New Gilmore Girls Trailer Alert! Here Are the Top 5 Takeaways

We’re feeling maj nostalgia today because the official trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life is *finally* here and, as expected, it is everything. We happily watched the preview multiple times to break down the most important parts.

1. Luke and Lorelai ARE together
Nearly 10 years ago in the series finale of Gilmore Girls, Luke and Lorelai had this perfect make-up kiss that gave us so many feels, and then left without any further information on the standing of their relationship we’ve been wondering for years: were they finally going to get married, or were they going to say it was a mistake and decide they’re better off as friends?? Well, the new trailer has finally given us some insight on TV’s ultimate OTP and it looks like they’re still together (and Luke is still lecturing the girls on their terrible diet).

gilmore girls trailer

(Photo: Netflix)

2. Rory is unemployed and feeling lost
When we last saw Rory, she was heading out to be a reporter on the Obama campaign trail (#chic). TBH, a part of us wished she was now covering the 2016 Presidential Election (so many Trump jokes) but, alas, we find she is unemployed and not sure what to do in the next chapter of her life. Knowing Rory she’ll FIO and become way more successful than all of us by the end of the reboot.

3. Jess is back!!!!!
*Insert heart eyes emoji* Team Jess can get ready to freak right out because he’s back and looking hot AF, you guys! The trailer teases us with a scene of Jess and Rory getting tipsy together while chatting about life and Rory’s lack of underwear (!!!). Side note: There may have also been a quick clip of Dean but we hardly remember it because we were too caught up in all things Jess.

4. They’re coping with the death of Richard Gilmore
As if all of this isn’t emotional enough, we also have to deal with the unfortunate IRL passing of Edward Herrmann (who played Rory’s gramps Richard). To cope with the loss of her husband, Emily is getting rid of everything that doesn’t “bring her joy” (sounds like she’s adopted the KonMari method) and has added an XL portrait of Richard to her living room wall. We’re already bracing ourselves for the funeral scene.

5. Friday night dinners are still a thing
Fridays were always our fave night of the week in the Gilmore world. We loved watching Lorelai and Rory attend the obligatory-turned-optional weekly dinners with Emily and Richard to see what new fight would ensue and what new maid Emily had hired to traumatize for life. Years later the girls are still going to the Gilmore mansion for Friday dinners, and apparently now Kirk has scored an invite as well?

gilmore girls trailer

(Photo: Netflix)

Bonus: So.many.familiar.faces!
Literally everyone that matters is coming back for the four-part Netflix event. In the two-and-a-half minute trailer we see so many Gilmore Girls faves and we’re v. v. v. happy about. Here’s a list of every returning character we counted (in order of importance, obv): Lorelai, Rory, Luke, Jess, Emily, Sookie, Lane, Paris, Dean, Logan, Michel, Kirk, Taylor, Miss Patty and Babette!

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