Mohawk Girls Tackles Sex on the Rez

A new Canadian comedy from Mohawk showrunner Tracey Deer is inspired by one of the classics: Sex and the City. Meet the foursome who were deemed "too racy" by the CBC

Quebecs Sex and the CityQuebec’s Kahnawake reserve isn’t big on statement bags or power brunches, but when Mohawk creator/director Tracey Deer (Club Native) would watch beloved lady-classic Sex and the City, she couldn’t help but relate to the show’s straight talk. “The honesty with which they spoke about sex and relationships was just revolutionary,” she says. With Mohawk Girls, a frothy comedy following four Kahnawake gals’ dating dramas, Deer, 36, hopes to do as much justice to women in her own community. The CBC rejected the series for being “too racy,” Deer says, but the execs at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network and multiculti channel OMNI loved her take on love and sex on the rez. Before the premiere (OMNI, Nov. 23), meet the new fierce foursome.  —Ryan Porter
Quebecs Sex and the City 1

Jennifer Pudavick

The Charlotte: Bailey (Jennifer Pudavick)
Cigarette factory worker Bailey is fixated on finding perfect love, even if her deal breakers are more practical than WASP-y Charlotte’s: she dumps the dashing Thunder when she finds out he’s her second cousin.

Quebecs Sex and the City 2

Brittany LeBorgne

The Miranda: Zoe (Brittany LeBorgne)
As complicated as fellow power lawyer Miranda, high-achieving Zoe is the character Deer says is most like herself: “Type A, high-pressure, wants to do right by her people.”

Quebecs Sex and the City 3

Heather White

The Samantha: Caitlin (Heather White)
Hairdresser Caitlin is an unapologetic sexual hunter, though unlike Sam Jones and her disposable boy toys, Caitlin falls hard for the chuds. Here’s hoping she learns how to break some hearts herself.

Quebecs Sex and the City 4

Maika Harper

The Carrie: Anna (Maika Harper)
A freshman philosophy student, Anna channels Carrie’s beyond-the-cutting-edge style, arriving from her hometown of Manhattan wearing a tropical-print track jacket and studded snapback.

Mohawk Girls premieres on OMNI Television,  Sunday November 23.