Moment: The Malick Hour

This autumn, film auteur Terrence Malick is releasing two new films, one of which is starring Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara.

From bottom left: Photograph by Everett Collection and Pacific Coast News

Bottom left: Photograph by Everett Collection. Bottom right: Pacific Coast News


Top: Rachel McAdams wanders Into the Wonder.

Bottom Left: One of Jessica Chastain’s many mid-century looks in The Tree of Life.

Bottom right: Knight of the Cups’ Christian Bale and Isabel Lucas on-set.


Ennui will drift across screens this summer as gently as wind rippling through a field of wheat—everyone is feeling very Terrence Malick these days. The elusive, low-output auteur has two new films coming up: Knight of Cups and an untitled one with Ryan Gosling and Rooney Mara (if they don’t get scuttled from the production in one of Malick’s trademark editing jags). David Lowery’s Ain’t Them Bodies Saints could be mistaken for a lost ’70s classic with its golden back-country setting and lovers on the run à la Badlands and Days of Heaven.

Malick acolyte David Gordon Green’s Prince Avalanche is about two men doing roadwork in the speckled light of the Texan bush, and even The Lone Ranger feels peculiarly sombre and sun-scorched for a blockbuster. The fall runways could work as a costume closet: Despite wildly different eras, all Malick’s heroines have the same taste, and would adore Valentino’s lace maxi-dresses, Rochas’ shapeless shifts and cardies, Prada’s mis-buttoned frocks and Hermès’s sober schoolmistress wear. Malick reciprocates the fashion world’s love: He programmed the Philbrook Museum of Art’s Films on the Lawn series to include his favourite movie, Zoolander.


From left: Valentino, Hermes, Rochas

From left: Valentino, Hermes, Rochas