Meet the Outrageously Outspoken Star of Marco Polo

We asked the Netflix spectacular’s Lorenzo Richelmy about fashion, travel, and those Game of Thrones comparisons—and he had some opinions

Netflix Marco Polo Lorenzo Richelmy

Lorenzo Richelmy wants you to tell you something…

As the lead in the Weinstein Company–produced historical drama series Marco Polo, Italian actor Lorenzo Richelmy, 24, spent seven months swashbuckling through Kazakhstan, Italy and Malaysia for what is rumoured to be Netflix’s most expensive show ever. The titular adventurer must survive martial arts training, concubine cat fights and royal intrigue in the 13th‐century China court of the Kublai Khan, but star Richelmy definitely has the swagger to pull it off. We ranked the whoa factor of his delightfully candid quotes below.

On Game of Thrones comparisons…
“We are not like Game of Thrones, which is all, We are talking about war, we are talking about war, we are going to war, cut, we are just back from war! It was a wonderful day, but now it’s over.”



On fashion…
“Every Italian in Italy has a taste for clothes. That’s why I don’t like fashion. We invented it, and now they’ve changed it so much in other countries.”



On the series’ cinematography…
“Aesthetically, it will be the best show ever seen. The style of it is something completely new.”


On travel…
“I travelled throughout all of my childhood. When the screenwriters were talking about Marco Polo going to Vietnam and Indonesia, I was like, ‘Yes, I’ve been to these places. So I know better than you what you’re talking about.’”