Your astrological guide to the coming year


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Nov 22 – Dec 21
It’s a reverse March for you: in like a lamb, out like a lion. With your tender side triggered, you’re ready to take a gamble on the dating scene. Just make sure you don’t skip over any recurring emotional issues. By mid-month you’ll be roarin’ to go and impatient with those who can’t keep up.

Dec 22 – Jan 19
Be ready to grab on to a host of hot new career opportunities. Do wear gloves, though, as they come with thorns lurking. While it’s great to have options, the sticking point could be a need to relocate or some other major move. A breath of fresh air blows through your ’hood. It’s time to get better acquainted with those in your vicinity, especially a guy you think you should get to know a little bit better.

Jan 20 – Feb 18
A new moon in your financial sector teams up with transformative Uranus; you’ll know which outdated ideas are worth tossing. What’s in: realizing your net worth is equal to your self worth. See about upping both in the weeks ahead. Meanwhile, a romp with someone new has possibilities beyond fun. That tune you can’t stop humming? It’s “Crazy In Love,” and it works ?for you. 

Feb 19 – Mar 20
Are you confined to a cubicle? Take heart. Mars now ignites your work sector and there’s an energizing new moon orbiting in your sign. Takeoff is coming soon for your breakaway ride to the big time and revolutionary thinking will help you take that quantum leap.

Mar 21 – Apr 19
With Mars out of whack, you’ve made little progress and had many distractions lately, but your fave planet gets back in gear this month. Hitch your star to a power player, or skip the mentor thing and DIY. Deliver every project on time while exceeding expectations and you could make MVP.

Apr 20 – May 20
Things will begin to move at the speed of sound—not your preferred velocity. It’s the price of success, so lace up those booties and go. A new moon lights up a networking track that leads straight to helpful new contacts. Shake as many hands as possible and go out of your way to always make a fantastic first impression.

May 21 – Jun 20
Stretch your fingers and rev up for an email blast, because it’s about to get interesting (in a good way!). Others are finally listening, so get the word out about what you’re after, especially around the new moon when the forces of luck grace your career sector. Unfriending someone is never easy, but may be necessary. Fortunately, there are new BF candidates around the bend.

Jun 21 – Jul 22
Did someone say spring break? It’s fight or flight for you, and a last-minute deal just might make the latter possible. See if you really can take the heat on a beach somewhere (with a possible hot fling for good measure). Of course, you must put in some desk time, but avoid the ultimatums and keep a low profile.

Jul 23 – Aug 22
The fiery planet Mars begins to blaze through your sign. Expect an early thaw in your finances, which gets the cash flowing the right way for a change. Do ask for a raise, as long as you can back up your case. Speaking of fire, you and your sweetie have some serious action ahead—chez vous can be as romantic as Paris.

Aug 23 – Sep 22
Find something very sturdy to hang on to, like a reliable partner who challenges your heart and mind. You’re in for a whirlwind ride and by the time the dust settles, you won’t be in Kansas anymore. Look around, though, and you may find a magical place. The only downside is a tax or credit matter. Double check all reports for errors since other people’s lack of attention can trip you up.

Sep 23 – Oct 22
A family clash leaves a sour taste, but keep your cool. You may not be able to play the peacemaker this time around. At least your social life has revived and is lively. Get ready for a creative season because the new moon will fire up your imagination: you’re after a whole-life makeover.

Oct 23 – Nov 21
So far the texts from the universe read “not now.” But with Mars finally in direct motion, those messages shift to “right now.” If you want to be a power player (and you do), stop with the blame games and get moving. Schedule meetings with key people and set the stage for some big moves.