Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Designs Virtual Popstar's Costume

Japanese popstar Hatsune Miku gets the diva treatment with costumes designed by the iconic French fashion house

Sketch Courtesy of Louis Vuitton, Louis Vuitton Spring 2013; Photo by Anthea Simms

Sketch Courtesy of Louis Vuitton; Louis Vuitton Spring 2013, Photo by Anthea Simms

The tour costume is entrenched in the fashion lexicon like never before. Madonna’s Gaultier bra-cones paved the way for performers to wear costumes created by the industry’s top designers. Rita Ora and Beyoncé entrusted Emilio Pucci to create their tour costumes and Japanese pop sensation Hatsune Miku—who will wear Louis Vuitton in her next opera—is no different…except that she’s a virtual avatar generated by a computer to sing and perform. Although missing some key human elements (flesh and blood, for example), this vocaloid will receive the full star treatment as she performs in the human-free Japanese opera The End. And why shouldn’t she? The virtual songstress manages to sell out stadiums and is the feature of a manga series.

Louis Vuitton’s artistic director Marc Jacobs has designed her costumes, pulling inspiration from the fashion house’s Spring 2013 collection, but only those attending the virtual opera—in Tokyo in May and Paris in November—will be able to witness the full effect of the virtual fashion phenomenon. “This collaboration is the first of its kind, as the outfits that digitized Hatsune Miku wears can only be seen first hand by those who attend the The End performances,” organizers said. The virtual icon’s wardrobe will feature the brand’s signature checkerboard print of the season to contrast with her long, aqua pigtails—a costume change very different from her usual modern school-girl look.

Photo Courtesy of Hatsune Miku on Facebook

Photo Courtesy of Hatsune Miku on Facebook