Man We Burn For: Jocko Sims

Welcome to our crush-of-the-week column, featuring talented, intelligent, funny guys… who also happen to be smoking hot. Today's hunk is a triple-threat, currently appearing in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Last Ship and the second season of Masters of Sex

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Screw Michael Bay and his Transformers: Dawn of the Planet of the Apes—which opened Friday—is our most-anticipated blockbuster of the summer. Dawn cast member Jocko Sims has a lot on the go this season. In addition to playing one of the members of Gary Oldman’s last-remaining-humans coterie, he joins the cast of Masters of Sex (premiering tonight—July 13— on The Movie Network) as well as The Last Ship (Space). On the latter, he plays (déjà vu!) a member of a battleship crew that may comprise some of the few survivors of a global pandemic. While the Bay-produced The Last Ship may be an actioner we’d usually skip, we’ll make an exception for the terribly handsome Jocko Sims, who shared with us his fondness for luscious booties, his worst date ever and what he’d chose as his secret power.

My friends say I’m…“Hilarious”…but not in the way that you would want to be deemed hilarious. They definitely do their fair share if laughing at me… not with me.

I think I’m… Kind. And a lot of fun when I want to be. The life of the party. But I could be delusional.

My greatest fear: Being mistaken for someone else in a murder trial and getting convicted.

My worst habit: Buying gym memberships and training sessions and then never showing up.

Nickname: Back in high school a few people called me “Kool-aid” because I had a “Kool-aid smile.” But as I’m thinking now, I think a better nickname woulda been “Colgate.”

Favourite TV shows: Past: Six Feet Under and Entourage. Present: Survivor. What the hell has gone wrong in this world?

Greatest indulgence: Love-making.

Greatest weakness: A big butt and a smile.

Worst thing about being an actor: I can’t eat whatever I want, whenever I want.

Best thing about being an actor: I can’t eat what I want, whenever I want. (Probably saving my life.)

My worst date ever included… A girl leaving me at a dinner to go talk to a guy outside for half an hour.

I love it when a woman wears… Workout clothes around the house.

Celebrity crush: I hear Paula Patton is single.

Superpower you would like most to possess and why? I would like to have the ability to be invisible so that I can be a fly on the wall and listen to secret conversations at the White House and the Pentagon…and secret conversations that women have with each other, which are equally important.

The person who inspires me the most is… President Obama, because he deals with haters better than anyone I’ve ever seen.

And now, a few questions about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Masters of Sex and The Last Ship.

How did you prepare for your role in Dawn? I grew out a scruffy beard, to appear like we didn’t have access to electricity or razors, as is the case in the film’s story. I also studied videos on YouTube on how to operate transmitter radios and how to communicate on them, as that is one of my tasks in the film, to try to seek contact from other humans who may be alive out there.

If you could be any kind of ape, what kind would it be and why? I feel like I would want to be a chimpanzee, which seems to be the most human like. And they’re still small enough to swing from trees.

Does your character get involved in any naughtiness on Masters of Sex? I will say that I’m currently in the gym…just in case!

How do you stay centred as an actor when performing in the midst of such intense action on The Last Ship? It’s pretty easy to play scared or play like your adrenaline is amped up when loud explosions and gunfire are going off by your face. You get pumped up and go nuts… and it’s damn fun.

What were some of the most challenging physical parts of that role? Shooting this type of show on a television schedule is damn near next to impossible at times. Sometimes you don’t have the time to train for something or plan it out. So when you read in a script that you’re going to be in the middle of the ocean, and climb off of one boat onto another much larger boat, with pounds of military gear on, an oxygen tank, a gas mask and your rifle… it looks really good on paper, until you show up that day and realize there was no possible way nor time to prepare for the moment. By the way, don’t run out of oxygen, make sure you look tough and like you know what you’re doing… and don’t fall into the ocean… also known as don’t die. Now do it for eight hours straight. Good luck!

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