Man We Burn For: Extant's Sergio Harford

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Extant—premiering tonight (July 9) on Global—is one of the most anticipated shows of the summer. Executive-produced by Steven Spielberg, the moody space drama stars Oscar-winner Halle Berry as an astronaut who spends a year alone in orbit—then returns home pregnant. Bermuda-born, South Carolina-raised newcomer Sergio Harford may just be the key to that mystery. We chatted with the fun-loving actor about the song that makes him cry, the superpower he wishes he had and his secret fantasy.

My friends say… I always have the best snacks at my house.

My greatest fear is… having to cook dinner because I suck at it, but can I make a mean scramble for breakfast.

Best meal I can cook I love take out!

My greatest love is… getting my dance on.

My greatest indulgence is… Anything mango.

What I miss most about home is… The food! South Carolina knows how to throw down.

Favourite men’s designer: Tom Ford if I’m trying to break the bank. Topman for day to day.

Best thing about being an actor: Every day is different.

What human quality would you like to eradicate? Indecisiveness, because it creates doubt and fear. I usually just go for it.

What human quality would you like to see more of? More honesty and loyalty equals a deeper human connection.

First job: Telemarketing (voiceover practice?)

I love it when a woman wears…
her clothes, but doesn’t let her clothes wear her.

The best quality in a partner is… communication skills.

Song that makes me tear up: “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith.

Last thing that made me cry: Stubbing my damn toe first thing in the morning.

Secret fantasy: Being a fly on a wall whenever I want.

Superpower I would like most to possess and why? Teleportation. A brutha needs to get to where he needs to be.

My childhood hero was… my mom. Cliché, but true. Single mom of three and look how I turned out!

And now, a few questions about Extant.

1. Any crazy audition stories? There was that one time I was mic-ed and let’s just say I got really into character and the mic pack went flying across the room. Oops!

2. Was it intimidating to meet Halle Berry for the first time? I thought it might be, initially, but she has the ability to immediately disarm one’s nervousness with her warm, open and genuine spirit.

3. How did you prepare for your role? I love sci-fi, so I just channeled my inner E.T.

4. What’s the hardest part about playing Marcus? Marcus is very still, Sergio is not.

5. What’s your dream role? To play a superhero.


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