Editors' Picks: Kobo Aura, Tea, Wainwright & House of Versace

Tech, films, concert and tea: our Editors' Picks will have you enthralled in no time.

Here at FLARE, we have a lot in common: a love of fashion, beauty, magazines, culture and general wordsmithery. But as we rush around putting together the magazine and this website, we don’t always have time to share the minutiae of our passions. What do we binge-watch on a rainy weekend? What album is on iPod repeat? What movies make us cry? Hence, Editors’ Picks was born.  A weekly column where you can get to know the people who bring you FLARE—and maybe we can get to know one another a little better, too.


Alicia Cox Thomson, Managing Editor, Digital

Today is my last day at FLARE for one whole year: I’m going on maternity leave and starting a new adventure. I’ve heard that I may not have a lot of time to read and with a baby in my arms, lugging heavy books around isn’t going to cut it. But I’m a voracious reader, I say, there must be a way! Enter the Kobo Aura HD eReader. At six inches, the Kobo is small enough to fit in one hand, and best of all, I can swipe through pages without switching. Perfect for a one-handed mama. It’s ultra-light so I can toss it in my purse or diaper bag, too.

The Aura can be used day or night thanks to the ComfortLight technology and high-resolution screen. It’s not bright enough to distract a sleeping baby (or husband), but there’s plenty of light to read by. There’s room for up to 3,000 books (it includes 4GB of storage) which means I can add titles I know I won’t have time for, but will want to read at some point. (I’ll have time to read again, someday, right? After living with my Aura for the past two weeks, I was surprised that it was still going strongbut the battery actually lasts for up to two months at a time. Now if only my own batteries would last that long!


TrucTruc Nguyen, Senior Market & Style Editor

I was in rainy Vancouver earlier this week for the FLARE World Runway Tour, and it rained nonstop every single day of the trip. Thankfully, my friend Adam introduced me to his favourite tea while I was there, Brazillionaire from DavidsTea, and we basically finished off his tin of tea while waiting for the rain to abate each day. A flavoured black tea with chunks of Brazil nuts, raisins, and coconut, Brazillionaire is nutty, creamy and so comforting when the weather starts to turn cold. Before I headed back to Toronto, I made sure to replenish Adam’s tea stash and add to my own with a quick visit to DavidsTea’s Kitsilano shop.brazillionaire



Briony Smith, Entertainment Editor

Since starting as the entertainment editor, I have seen Carmen at the ballet and La Bohéme at the opera. Next up on my wishlist of fancy outings is the symphony. The Toronto Symphony Orchestra has a special guest next Friday that sweetens the deal: Rufus Wainwright. He’ll be performing parts from his opera, Prima Donna, along with the orchestral piece, Five Shakespeare Sonnets, and some of his beloved hits. I have my top-hat and monocle ready and I can’t wait.

Rufus Wainwright's Prima Donna - Related Image emily-picks

Emily Ramshaw, Assistant Fashion News Editor

I’m not usually a proponent for Lifetime movies, but this Sunday the network will be showing House of Versace, which is, as far as I’m concerned a can’t miss cinema experience. Gina Gershon plays Donatella complete with long blonde locks, a leathery tan, and those unmistakable lips (which she reportedly perfected with tape). She also smoked two packs of cigarettes a day to achieve Versace’s telltale rasp. If all this went into it, my curiosity is piqued as to the results.