Your astrological guide to the coming year


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Nov 22 – Dec 21
These days it may seem your extravagance knows no bounds. You’ll flaunt that new handbag, drive with the top down on a new car, and only date the contenders who resemble Ryan Reynolds. Mostly, this over-the-top indulgence works for you. But an extreme lifestyle comes with a high price tag. Watch your credit line, because that’s one thing you definitely should not take to the max.

Dec 22 – Jan 19
To make those ambitions rock-solid, you may have to deal with some temporary uncertainty. A workspace to explore a sudden entrepreneurial urge may become necessary. Meanwhile, behind that aloof facade lies a gal who’s really a big softy. There is a guy for you who’s supportive and full of surprises.

Jan 20 – Feb 18
Ditch any self-defeating habits because you’re about to graduate into a whole new attitude towards life. Since you are what you think, remember to feed your mind and keep positive. And then there’s that sudden summer crush that has a lot to teach you. To make the most of it, get out of uniform—preferably into something sexy.

Feb 19 – Mar 20
Suddenly your career is rising and your accounts seem to be in order—or at least you’re a big step closer to this goal. What works for you now is doing it in a way that others wish they had thought of first. Colleagues are contentious around the lunar eclipse, and a power struggle may be inevitable. A summer romance will put everything in focus.

Mar 21 – Apr 19
It’s a crucial month for reinvention and new opportunities. All due to a once-in-a-lifetime collision of the planets Jupiter and Uranus in your pioneering sign. Not quite ready to lead out the wagons? It’s okay to tinker with the compass a while. Or, schedule some quality mirror time and try a few self-images on for size. Go with whatever screams bigger, brighter future.

Apr 20 – May 20
If your world has stopped making sense, it’s because you need to recapture some wonder. Look at things from a different angle and you’ll find your dream. Mid-month Venus lowers your resistance to chocolate and spring flings. Grab the Godiva, fluff the pillows and put your favourite take-out joint on speed dial, because it’s unlikely you’ll want to get out of bed. 

May 21 – Jun 20
Get ready for a quantum leap at warp speed. Before you blast off, make sure you’re on the right course. Somehow, among all those constellations of desires you can truly find the lodestar. Explore new romance galaxies, possibly with a new man who has a mad crush on you. But to make sure you don’t go too far, too fast on many fronts, keep in close touch with home central.

Jun 21 – Jul 22
Tired of your career? Make some waves, as in some splashy self-promotion, and it’ll turn into a tsunami of opportunity. Don’t surf out to the first job that comes along, though; more  opportunities are due as the year closes. A lunar eclipse could bring a make-or-break relationship. Just remember that your gut is your best guide.

Jul 23 – Aug 22
Sometimes a frog just isn’t a prince, and your workplace is no enchanted kingdom. But you do know the way out: first, make a wish, and dare to follow your postponed dream; then, trash everything in your life that is past the expiration date (you know exactly what’s gotta go). Others step-up to help you, so no excuses—don’t just make big plans, hop to it!

Aug 23 – Sep 22
Truth or dare: are you willing to go where other angels fear to tread? Can you handle the truth about yourself? The answers to such hard questions come easily now. Although you feel it’s your job to doubt, try believing in yourself, too. After all, achieving the personal closeness you crave, calls for a little faith. Believe that he will pull up his socks and see what happens.

Sep 23 – Oct 22
Rabble-rousing planets in your house of partnerships means you’re ready to storm the barricades of someone’s heart. But first, a major reform of outmoded beliefs about what you want and need is necessary. There could be more gained by playing the field now and, on the professional side, from networking for all you’re worth. You’re about to attract people who further your best interests—public and private—so pay attention.

Oct 23 – Nov 21
There’s a shakedown happening at the office and the trouble is, no one asked you about it. You could just walk away in a huff. Or a better plan: rearrange the routine so it becomes ultra-efficient. Then set some limits with those who think you’re there to pick up their slack. A few early nights would do you some good, too. Without the red-eye, you’ll have a clearer take on the big picture.