Should You Line Up For the New iPhone 7? What You Need to Know

No matter where you go, the queues are going to be crazy when this bad boy drops in stores tomorrow. So unless you pre-ordered, you've got a wait ahead of you if you want to get your hands on it right away. But is the new iPhone 7 worth it? We break down the key upgrades you'll actually care about

is the iphone 7 worth it

The new iPhone 7 Plus in v. chic matte black, from $549 with a two-year plan, rogers.com

Rumours of big iPhone changes were circulating well before last week’s official Apple Keynote in San Fran, where head honcho Tim Cook announced the upgrades we can expect with the new device. Most of the buzz has been about the removal of the headphone jack and introduction of wireless AirPods, which has a lot of people up in arms (like, seriously, is it that big of a deal?), but there’s a lot more to the new phone than that, including a powerful four-core chip, a responsive solid-state Home button and a longer battery life. With the phones finally available for in-store purchase tomorrow, we break down the six key features you’re actually going to care about.

The camera(s)
That’s right, there are now two cameras if you opt for the 7 Plus—a wide angle and a telephoto lens that enables optical zoom up to 2x and digital zoom up to 10x. (In other words: no more blurry pics when you’re trying to creep on Drizzy from across the club!) Even cooler: later this year, an iOS upgrade will include a “portrait” mode for photos, which makes use of the dual-camera sitch to create a super chic depth-of-field effect. Both the 7 and 7 Plus cameras feature image stabilization (good news for those of us with shaky hands!) and a larger aperture, which means you can actually take amazing photos and videos in low light.

Colour capture
The new phone’s camera(s) have the ability to both capture AND display a wider range of more true-to-real-life colours on par with a profesh digital camera. (If only this had existed prior to that excruciating blue-and-black-versus-white-and-gold dress debate…) Not only are your pics gonna look better, but third-party apps will be able to make use of the colour range as well. Instagram, for example, has already announced that its next update will have new filters that take advantage of the more vivid colours.

The front-facing camera
OK, this is the last point about photos! But seriously, your selfie game is about to get SO. STRONG. The new front-facing 7-megapixel HD camera has the same image stabilization and wide colour capture specs as the back camera, PLUS a retina flash built in, so you’ll get amazingly sharp and vibrant shots even without your Lumee case.

The speakers
Watch a movie, dance around to your fave playlist and follow a YouTube Pilates workout all without having to plug your phone in to an external device. The 7’s stereo speaker set-up has twice the volume of the iPhone 6s—which is loud enough to do away with whatever speaker or phone-in-a-bowl technique you were using before. Just don’t turn into that jerk on the subway who thinks everyone else wants to listen to old-school Mary J. Blige on repeat with them.

is the iphone 7 worth it

Water and dust resistance
Who knew dust was such an issue? But, for real, who among us hasn’t lost at least one phone due to water damage? Partly thanks to the controversial removal of the headphone jack (i.e. a hole where water can get in), the iPhone 7 can be submerged into depths of one metre for up to 30 minutes and come out alive.

The design
Jet Black—a slick high-gloss finish—is the new Rose Gold. But don’t worry, Rose Gold is still available, too. As well as Gold, Silver and the new matte Black pictured above. If you’re trying to decide which will go best with your existing phone case, don’t bother, because the one unfortunate side effect of the new camera set-up means you’ll have to get a new one, even though the dimensions of the 7 and 7 Plus are essensh the same as the 6s and 6s Plus. We’ll miss you, cute kitty-bedecked case, but it’s a worthy sacrifice.

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