Hockey: The Other Fall Season

There are some hardcore hockey fans on the FLARE team—not surprising, considering more than 80 percent of Canadian women are likely to follow the NHL

Hockey Frontis w logo

(Photo: Andrew Soule)

Every day, FLARE’s editors pass by a digital clock counting down the days until the puck drops in October. Since Rogers Media, our parent company, acquired the broadcast rights to Canada’s favourite sport last fall, hockey chatter has filled our HQ. Turns out, our game-loving staffers aren’t alone. Lady hockey-heads abound: a recent survey found that 82 percent of Canadian women are likely to follow the NHL, while the Internet is filled with fan blogs like Real Women Watch Hockey and Twitter convos between ice-savvy women who are unafraid to admire both a player’s stick-handling skillz and his broad shoulders (because being serious about the game doesn’t mean we’re blind!). So we put together a playbook for everyone on the spectrum of fandom—neophytes, diehards and anyone else who appreciates the grace and grit of the game, and the collective euphoria of watching it. Here, everything you need to enjoy the season ahead.

Credits: Hair, Justin German, Pantene, P1M.ca. Makeup: Brodine, Nudestix, judyinc.com. Nails: Melissa Forrest, Sally Hansen, P1M.ca.ca. Model: Aris, Sutherland. Green jersey, $22, CCM, Sport Chek. White jersey (worn around waist), $40, Reebok, Sport Chek. Shorts, $24, Bauer, Sport Chek. Rings, Bond Hardware.

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