Let's Just Say It: Gonzo Has Already Outstyled Harry

Someone had to...

Credit: Gucci, Kiss PNG

Harry Styles has style. That’s something his fans have known and loved about him since his 1D days. From bright floral prints to vibrant colours, he can basically wear any garment of clothing (even if it’s meant to be an Ikea bed cover) and flawlessly pull it off—as evidenced in a recent episode of Carpool Karaoke.

This week, a dreamy Gucci ad campaign featuring Styles and shot in a quaint Italian garden dropped. It was, unsurprisingly, not the first time he’s done this kind of shoot, but the world was still left baffled by his perfection. How is it possible for someone to look *that* chic while holding a tiny piglet?

But as everyone started talking more and more about Styles’ sense of style, a few people began questioning where he gets his inspiration. These questions led to a deep investigation and in one single tweet, all of our questions were answered—and our view of Harry changed forever.

From poses to prints to overall pizzazz, it’s obvious that Harry is copping his look from a beloved blue Muppet.

But while it’s one thing to draw inspiration from your idols, it’s another to plagiarize their swag, which it appears Harry has done in both his Gucci ad campaign (see above) and the video for “Sign of the Times” (see below).

He’s even copied exact outfits—as if we wouldn’t notice.

Fans are coming together to say that while they love Harry, he’ll never reach The Great Gonzo’s level of style. Frankly, it’s untouchable. He’s been rocking those three-piece, heavily patterned suits years before Harry was even born (24, to be exact), and he’ll continue rocking ’em for years to come. But good for you for trying, Harry. (We still love you).


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