FLARE Interns' Fave Under-Appreciated Emojis

It's World Emoji Day and we polled our freshest (aka youngest) staff to find out which emojis they feel aren't getting their dues. Kiss the kissy-face goodbye and up your emoji game ASAP!

flying money emoji

The Flying Stack of Cash Emoji
“I love this little bundle of flying money, because it adequately describes how I feel on payday, post-major shopping excursion, or even pre-night on the town (when checking my bank app is a biiiiig no-no). I think more people should use it because it’ll give them the same feels I imagine Lil Wayne has in the music vid for “Got Money”—the one where he robs a bank.” –Meghan Collie, digital intern

detective emoji

The Detective Emoji
“My go-to in all group chats is the Inspector Gadget emoji. I feel like it adequately expresses the level of social media creeping everyone does, but still leaves a bit of mystery.” –Alexis Bornyk, fashion intern

moai emoji

The Easter Island Statue Emoji
“If there’s anything the Moai emoji’s blank stare and slight grin says, it’s too turnt. Leave it to millennials to turn an emoji representing beautiful mysterious statues into a blackout mascot.” —Max C, fashion intern

twinkling stars emoji

The Twinkling Stars Emoji
“I use these twinkling stars to decorate any and every tweet, from passive-aggressive social commentary to descriptions of my brunch. It makes every post feel like a dramatic, celestial statement dropping down from the sky—who doesn’t love that?” –Jessica Robinson, culture intern

corn emoji

The Corn Emoji
“Move over, Eggplant, it’s all about that husk. Shucking…need I say more?” –Marika Van Schepen, fashion intern

surfer emoji

The Surfer Emoji
“I’m a fairly blunt person and I use this one A LOT with boys. It makes my behaviour seem less intimidating by showing that, while I’m straightforward, I’m also chill—like a surfer, get it?—and cute as hell. (Side note: it’s been brought to my attention that surfer chick might actually be a surfer bro. Still works.)” –Amanda Demeku, fashion intern


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