Fierce-O-Meter: The Week’s Most Fearless Females on TV

For years, our small screens were awash in angsty male antiheros. Dark and tortured Don Draper types who wouldn’t know fierce if it kicked them in the cojones. Lately though, the TV tide seems to be shifting with a surplus of super fly females from surgeons to sorority queen bees. To mark the moment in Grrrrrrl Power, we’re rounding up the most butt-kicking women on the boob tube each week.

Claire Underwood, House of Cards

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It’s vintage HOC backstabbing and betrayal, only now the First Couple are facing off against each other. Frank initially appears to have the upper hand, thwarting Claire’s play for a Senate seat by publicly endorsing her competition. But, silly POTUS, you forgot the golden rule of relationship warfare: don’t screw a woman who knows where your bones (and by bones, we mean familial KKK ties) are buried. Advantage FLOTUS.
Fierce factor: 2/5 Beyoncés

Ellen Page, Gaycation
On the premiere of her travel show for the new VICELAND, Page and gay BFF Ian Daniel travel to Japan to investigate the LGBT scene, visiting trans bars, investigating gay comic book culture and even sitting in while a young man comes out to his mother. The show is a reminder of how far behind some countries lag when it comes to the acceptance of gay citizens and queer culture—and also of how adorable the Canadian Page looks in a toque.
Fierce factor: 3/5 Beyoncés

Samantha Bee, Full Frontal With Samantha Bee

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The new queen of late night skewering goes uterus to peen against Texas state representative, and anti-abortion lawmaker, Dan Flynn, a man who has made it his business to cut back on access to safe and legal abortions across his state with Bill HB2. Not one to shy away from uncomfortable truths, Bee asks Flynn whether he has considered regulating the safety of back alleys since that is where thousands of women will be forced to seek abortions thanks to his handy work. Not one to acknowledge uncomfortable truths, Flynn reveals his near complete ignorance to women’s health care issues.
Fierce factor: 5/5 Beyoncés

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