Fierce-O-Meter: The Week’s Most Fearless Females on TV

Flat screen, flat screen on the wall, who was the fiercest of them all? FLARE ranks the week’s most powerful women on TV on a scale of 1 to 5 Beyoncés

For years, our small screens were awash in angsty male antiheros. Dark and tortured Don Draper types who wouldn’t know fierce if it kicked them in the cojones. Lately though, the TV tide seems to be shifting with a surplus of super fly females from surgeons to sorority queen bees. To mark the moment in Grrrrrrl Power, we’re rounding up the most butt-kicking women on the boob tube each week.

Mellie Grant and Olivia Pope, Scandal

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Most of the time these two are at each other’s throats, so it was cool to see them coming together over a common goal—and a common love of low-rent hooch. That both women were able to write a book while mainlining a few mason jars full of moonshine is pretty improbable, but then, if Mellie plans to be the first female president of the United States, she had better get used to defying probabilities.
Fierce factor: 2/5 Beyoncés

Faye Resnick, American Crime Story

She is a vile, self-serving leach lady, who writes a tell-all about her dead best friend, but, come on, Resnick’s detailing of “the Brentwood Hello” was the best thing that happened on TV last week (no thanks to you, wildly disappointing Full House reboot)*. For those who missed it, the BH is essentially a surprise BJ, which by today’s standards would qualify as sexual assault, but in the coke-fuelled party haze of the late ’80s was considered—ummmm—good manners? To be clear, this is not an endorsement of non-consensual fellatio or selling out your murdered bestie, but seeing Tami Taylor (a.k.a Connie Britton) play such an unapologetic b-word was pretty damn glorious, y’all.
Fierce factor: 3/5 Beyoncés

Jenny Beavan, The Oscars

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On a night when even Whoopi Goldberg put on a dress (and got mistaken for Oprah!!!???), you’ve got to hand it to Mad Max: Fury Road costume designer Jenny Beavan for keeping it real in pants and a leather jacket. Not everybody was comfortable with her laid back look (see: above reactions), but then, people who don’t win Oscars for their amazing and totally inspired work can be so petty, can’t they?
Fierce factor: 4/5 Beyoncés

*(Dis?)Honorable mention: Kimmy Gibbler, Fuller House

women on tv

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OK, OK, OK—fierce and Full House reboot go together like John Stamos and the natural effects of time. Still, you’ve got to give some props to the great Kimmy Gibbler for finally worming her way into the Tanner homestead—permanently. Or maybe you don’t. Honestly, the new Netflix series was so (so, soooooooo) bad, it was almost amazing. Almost.

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