Fierce-O-Meter: The Week’s Most Fearless Females on TV

Flat screen, flat screen on the wall, who was the fiercest of them all? We rank the week in television on a scale of 1 to 5 Beyoncés

For years, our small screens were awash in angsty male antiheros. Dark and tortured Don Draper types who wouldn’t know fierce if it kicked them in the cojones. Lately though, the TV tide seems to be shifting with a surplus of super fly females from surgeons to sorority queen bees. To mark the moment in Grrrrrrl Power, we’re rounding up the most butt-kicking women on the boob tube each week.

Never, Aria. Never.

Never, Aria. Never.

Aria, Pretty Little Liars
It’s flash forward five years, and while the girls are still pretty (duh), and still lying (obviously), the only thing that’s little these days is Hanna’s engagement ring. At least according to Aria who tells her that her bling, “looked bigger when you posted it.” What, you thought that being out of high school meant an end to adolescent mean-girling? As if.

Fierce factor: 2/5 Beyoncés

Cush Jumbo (GREAT name) as Lucca Quinn

Cush Jumbo (GREAT name) as Lucca Quinn

Lucca Quinn, The Good Wife
Alicia’s latest legal partner isn’t into emotional attachments, as evidenced by a tryst with the firm’s latest totally out-there client (a kiddie musician played by Matthew Lillard). Luca’s all for mixing business with pleasure, but only it happens at her place and only if the dude is out of there in under an hour. Somewhere Kalinda is adjusting her leather mini skirt in approval.

Fierce factor: 1.5/5 Beyoncés


The always awesome Maggie Siff on Billions (Photo: Showtime)

Wendy Rhoades, Billions
By day she councils faltering Wall Street dudes on how to grow a pair, as the in-house therapist at Axe Capital. By night she dominates (yes, that kind of dominates) the New York district attorney…who also happens to be her husband…and is trying to put her boss in jail…and likes it more than a little rough in the bedroom. The pilot ep of the new Showtime drama gives us a lot to process, but whatever the needs of the men in her life, Wendy is clearly a woman who gets off on control. [Whip sound]. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

Fierce factor: 4/5 Beyoncés

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