Fierce-O-Meter: The Week's Most Fearless Females On TV

Flat screen, flat screen on the wall, who was the fiercest of them all? FLARE ranks the week’s most powerful women on TV on a scale of 1 to 5 Beyoncés

For years, our small screens were awash in angsty male antiheros. Dark and tortured Don Draper types who wouldn’t know fierce if it kicked them in the cojones. Lately though, the TV tide seems to be shifting with a surplus of super fly females from surgeons to sorority queen bees. To mark the moment in Grrrrrrl Power, we’re rounding up the most butt-kicking women on the boob tube each week

Abby Whelan, Scandal
Okay fine, so it’s a little unclear how a few weeks as press secretary qualifies “Red” to take on the chief of staff gig, but if we’ve learned one thing from the Scandal universe, it’s that snooping, backstabbing and bold, impossibly-articulate speeches trump qualifications and logic every time.
Fierce factor: 2/5 Beyoncés

Hillary Clinton, Broad City

Broad City, Hillary Clinton


While it’s unlikely she’ll be up for a guest star Emmy, Clinton’s cameo on this beloved, irreverent, cool chick comedy may be just the thing to show young, female voters that she is not a stiff cyborg femenazi they seem to see her as. The episode (where Ilana gets a gig working the Clinton campaign, then quits when she realizes it’s a volunteer position), offers a lot of laughs, plus a possible new slogan idea: “Vote for Hillary. Yas, yas, yas.”
Fierce factor: 3/5 Beyoncés

Alicia Florrick, The Good Wife

The Good Wife


Alicia finds out that her hunky, bearded boy toy Jason might not be the monogamous kind. But while the old her (the good wife) may have descended into heartbreak over this revelation, the new her (the lewd wife?), decides that all’s fair in lust and public hand jobs. Presumably the writers view Alicia’s illicit act (performed under the table at a bar) as an indication of how much far she’s come over seven seasons: from buttoned-up to unzipped. Or rather, unzipp-er. Somebody get the smelling salts; when Grandma Jackie hears about this, she’s going to need them.
Fierce factor: 5/5 Beyoncés

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