Emily's Style Notes: Field Trip Brings Festival Love to Toronto

I achieve musical nirvana at the celebratory concert from the bands of Arts & Crafts


This past Saturday, I had the great pleasure of attending Field Trip, the music festival celebrating 10th anniversary of record label Arts & Crafts. It was a pleasure because it was pretty much the perfect day. No amount of predicted rain could have ruined it (in the end it only rained for five minutes that I can recall).

Because of FLARE’s sponsorship and some in-the-band friends, my boyfriend and I had VIP tickets, allowing us access to a (slightly) smaller bar line and some select food booths. But let’s be real, it was all about the music…and the style. Live music is my jam—my second arts/performance love after fashion (and literature and film and…). (See my intern-era fashion diary of last year’s Bonnaroo festival). For Field Trip, I went with my simple “rock” uniform: grey t-shirt with the sleeves ripped off, coated Fidelity jeans (their appearance is vaguely reminiscent of riding chaps) and Rag & Bone boots.

The scene in our section was half family and friends of the bands—many accompanying adorable band tee-wearing toddlers—and half music and media obsessives. The afternoon saw performances by Hayden, Ra Ra Riots, and Bloc Party among others, and we wandered the grounds (more shows need to happen at Fort York, it’s the most perfect venue) amid many a snap-happy photographer. Every cult restaurant in Toronto seemed to have a booth, from La Carnita to Caplansky’s infamous food truck.

The evening acts—Stars, Feist, and Broken Social Scene—felt like I was experiencing a high school reunion and was probably why the show was such a hit for so many. For me, these concerts were steeped in nostalgia. The early music of all three of these bands is so hammered into my memory, the lyrics so linked to that specific, often lonely, adolescent period of my life, that the songs themselves are like musical friends. (That Bruce Cockburn reference was unintentional, but I like it.) By the night’s close, my boyfriend was likely quite tired of me grabbing his arm for the first few riffs of each new song. Feist was wearing perfect fringy festival garb, everyone was on stage for BSS (only Emily Haines was missing!!), and the love between audience and band felt completely mutual. Arts & Crafts, can we make this an annual thing?

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