Editors' Picks: Must-Listen Music

Four tracks on repeat from the editors behind the pages and posts of FLARE and FLARE.com


Here at FLARE, we have a lot in common: a love of fashion, beauty, magazines, culture and general wordsmithery. But as we rush around putting together the magazine and this website, we don’t always have time to share the minutiae of our passions. What do we binge-watch on a rainy weekend? What books do we devotedly devour? What movies make us cry? Hence, Editors’ Picks was born.  A column where you can get to know the people who bring you FLARE—and maybe we can get to know one another a little better, too.

Our inaugural post is all about music. Now, this wasn’t the plan; we just all picked songs and artists that have earwormed their way onto our iPods. Check out four eclectic artists spanning  genres from soul to country to folk to new wave R&B.

emily-picksEmily Ramshaw, assistant fashion news editor

For the past week I have been listening to Charles Bradley nonstop. I saw him live at The Phoenix last Saturday and his performance was out-of-this world amazing: his moves, his unbelievable voice, his love for the audience. If you don’t know his story, check out the documentary Soul of America. It’s truly inspiring. (Photo: Max Kopanygin)


caitlin-editorCaitlin Kenny, assistant managing editor

This is a judgment-free zone right? If so, I confess that lately I’ve been on a real country kick (hey, I grew up a farm girl!). I’ve been YouTubing old favourites, but also can’t get enough of newcomer crooning cowboy: Hunter Hayes (especially his latest single “I Want Crazy”). Maybe not the hippest music to be shuffling, but it’s perfect for my roadtrip to Nashville this weekend!

briony-editorBriony Smith, entertainment editor

Looking for amazing Canadian-made moping music? Put the lilting folk beauties “Liftoff Canon” by The Abramson Singers (out now on Late Riser) and “Powell River” by Jadea Kelly (from Clover, out May 21st) on repeat—the sads never sounded so gorgeous. (Photo: Max Kopanygin)

alicia-editorAlicia Cox Thomson, managing editor, digital

They say you always love the music you listened to as a teenager. For me, that was 90s hip hop, dance and R&B. How To Dress Well (great name, right?) is a singer/songwriter/producer from Chicago named Tom Krell. His 2012 album Total Loss is a blend of hypnotic beats, nostalgic basslines and esoteric ambiance paired with a falsetto that would make a certain Timberlake quake in his flat-ironed curls. The R&B/dance mash-up “& It Was U” has been on steady rotation since the first time I heard it. I listen to it just about every day.