Editor's Picks: A Dose of Music, Fashion History & TV

From Jay-Z & JT to The Killing, FLARE editors dish on what's getting them through the weekend.

Here at FLARE, we have a lot in common: a love of fashion, beauty, magazines, culture and general wordsmithery. But as we rush around putting together the magazine and this website, we don’t always have time to share the minutiae of our passions. What do we binge-watch on a rainy weekend? What album is on iPod repeat? What movies make us cry? Hence, Editors’ Picks was born. A column where you can get to know the people who bring you FLARE—and maybe we can get to know one another a little better, too.





Alicia Cox Thomson, Managing Editor, Digital

One of the things I love about working in digital media is that I get to surf websites as part of my job. One of my favourites is the blog Threaded, which is the fashion history blog connected to Smithsonian magazine (same Smithsonian that has 19 museums in Washington, D.C., the world’s largest research and museum network). There is always something to learn (the history of the Creeper brought me right back to my ’90s teenage years) and they often have archival images of designers, collections and fashion moments that will cause time to disappear. Whether you’re into history, fashion, the evolution of personal style or art, Threaded is one bookmark I check each month. Now if only they updated more frequently…

threaded andrew-editor-pick-final

Andrew Lovesey, Digital Editor

Okay, I know it might not be fashionable—or über alluring—but what’s got my knees wobbling this week is (hands down) the Brita hard-sided water bottle. Yes, that’s right, I’ve selected a water bottle for my Editor’s Pick. Some might wonder why I would choose such an item, but the reason is simple: drink better water and save the world while doing it. Anyone who has tried Brita’s refrigerator jugs can attest to the clean, satisfying, taste of filtered water. Call me biased, but nothing tastes quite as good as Brita-filtered water (except maybe FIJI’s artesian water). So go on, indulge in a reusable bottle that not only holds your water, but filters it too. Besides, who doesn’t want to reduce their carbon footprint?

Screen shot 2013-07-19 at 4.52.58 PM Truc

Truc Nguyen, Senior Style and Market Editor

I had the opportunity to attend the opening night of Justin Timberlake and Jay-Z’s Legends of the Summer tour at the Rogers Centre in Toronto this week, and it was the quintessential summer concert experience. There’s no better way to spend a summer evening than to watch two of music’s heavyweights perform their latest and greatest.

The show started with a duet of “Holy Grail” from Magna Carta… Holy Grail and ended with a moving rendition of “Forever Young,” and the crowd of 40,000 loved it all. There were flashy stage effects, energetic dance moves (mostly by JT) and also crowd-pleasing moments like when JT’s rendition of New York, New York turned into JZ’s Empire State of Mind.

Legends of the Summer arrives at BC Place Stadium on July 31

IMG_2012 briony-editor

Briony Smith, Entertainment Editor

After the who-killed-Rosie-Larsen whodunit streeeeetched over two whole seasons, AMC pulled the plug on rainy mystery series The Killing last year. Six months later, however, surprise! They changed their mind and produced a third season with the same lovable detective duo of Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman), but a with whole new murder to solve. Thank goodness: now we get to go back on the case this summer with TV’s Sexiest Swede (sorry, Skarsgård!) and some of the best dark banter and gloomy settings since Twin Peaks. No need to catch up on seasons 1 and 2 to get into the new plot: a serial killer murdering homeless girls is on the loose, while another man (as played by FLARE August issue interviewee, Peter Sarsgaard) sits on death row for the crime. Thank goodness it’s back from the dead.