Editors' Picks: The Social, Jeans, Basia Bulat & The X Factor

The Social, Toronto's Basia Bulat, Reitmans' new jeans and The X Factor—pop culture with a dash of fashion has been served in this week's Editors' Picks.

Here at FLARE, we have a lot in common: a love of fashion, beauty, magazines, culture and general wordsmithery. But as we rush around putting together the magazine and this website, we don’t always have time to share the minutiae of our passions. What do we binge-watch on a rainy weekend? What album is on iPod repeat? What movies make us cry? Hence, Editors’ Picks was born. A column where you can get to know the people who bring you FLARE—and maybe we can get to know one another a little better, too.



Michelle Higgins, Copy Editor

This week FLARE’s managing editor Maureen Halushak and I joined the audience for a live taping of CTV’s The Social, a talk show with Melissa Grelo, Cynthia Loyst, Traci Melchor and my fave celebrity gossip columnist, the hilarious Lainey Lui, on the panel. The hosts interviewed True Blood’s swoony Ryan Kwanten, then discussed “seasonless dressing,” showing us how to transition summer pieces, like maxi dresses and shorts, into fall. They also debated whether it’s OK to go commando (“I’m going commando right now!” Lainey announced). Take it from FLARE, ladies: our wish is NOT anyone’s commando. You can catch The Social weekdays at 1 p.m. ET on CTV or 7 p.m. ET on E!, but if you’re in Toronto, I recommend getting a ticket to the live show—there’s an awesome buzz in the studio and, I’m not gonna lie, some cute guys working behind the camera.

Photo by Sarah Robinson//TheSocial.ca

Photo by Sarah Robinson//TheSocial.ca


Truc Nguyen, Senior Market Editor

I had a chance to check out Reitmans’ new, more extensive “Jeans Menu” in Toronto a couple of weeks ago, and found myself extremely flattered by the fit of the Canadian retailer’s denim offerings! I didn’t know what to expect when my friend Abby and I were invited to take the company’s BFF Jeans Challenge, but it really seemed like there is a cut for everyone! In particular, I found the ultra petite sizing to be ideal for anyone who is extra short with a very small frame (such as myself!). Best part? Their jeans start at just $36!

Jeans_fall13_9 briony-editor

Briony Smith, Entertainment Editor

I have yet to experience a music moment as thrilling this year as Basia Bulat’s performance at the AGO’s First Thursdays series this January. The darkened gallery court was filled with chattering art patrons. Bulat parted the crowd with a single spotlight, moving to the middle of a tight circle of bodies with nothing but a small ukelele and her huge voice. She sang without mic or amplifier, and the song reached the highest high of the soaring ceiling and even those milling about the outside of the crowd, drink in hand. I often think of that performance (and told Bulat whilst on-set for our October fashion spread featuring the singer that it was one of the most stunning I’d ever seen, ever), and was strangely content knowing that I’d never hear that song performed in exactly the same perfect way again. Until now. Basia Bulat recorded her performance and recently released it as a new video off her new album Tall Tall Shadow. Even for those who weren’t there, the moment where the huge crowd slowly, finally settles into utter silence under her spell is just as magical on film as it was live.


Andrew Lovesey, Digital Editor

The X Factor series has been an obsession of mine for a decade now. Over the years, I have seen it grow into one of the world’s largest talent competitions (adapted in more than 40 countries!). I just can’t get enough. I’m currently watching three seasons at once—Australian, British and American—so when not gallivanting about TIFF (which is finally almost done!) I can likely be found curled up on the couch with an assortment of snacks and a box of tissues, watching X Factor. The U.S. series premiered this week and the U.K. one made its tenth-anniversary debut two weekends ago. Never heard of it? Check out this stellar audition from U.K. X Factor‘s Melanie McCrabe.