Editors' Picks: Classic Reads, Summer Tunes & Cheese Shopping

FLARE editors share their weekly picks on the pop culture events that are causing a current obsession

Here at FLARE, we have a lot in common: a love of fashion, beauty, magazines, culture and general wordsmithery. But as we rush around putting together the magazine and this website, we don’t always have time to share the minutiae of our passions. What do we binge-watch on a rainy weekend? What album is on iPod repeat? What movies make us cry? Hence, Editors’ Picks was born.  A column where you can get to know the people who bring you FLARE—and maybe we can get to know one another a little better, too.


Alicia Cox Thomson, Managing Editor, Digital

There’s something comforting about going back to an old story about which you have fond, but fuzzy memories. Two of my recent trips down literary lane seem like they couldn’t be more different at first glance, but are actually similar in ways I didn’t even realize. I’ve recently finished Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld and Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier. Both include female narrators who feel out of place in a world of privilege and wealth to which they’re unaccustomed. Lee Fiora is new to Ault Prep School, filled with rich kids who have some of the best names in recent memory (girl crush Gates Medkowski and love interest Cross Sugarman, to name two); the unnamed narrator in Rebecca enters new husband Maxim de Winter’s dashing world after working as an unassuming ladies’ companion. Both women are deeply introspective, unsure of their belonging and riddled with anxiety. And although Rebecca is a Gothic romance and Prep a modern-day Bildungsroman, both women discover their own inner strength. And that’s why I love re-reading the favouritesyou discover new nuances and connections that add to your appreciation every time.

rebecca-prep-editor-pick caitlin-editorCaitlin Kenny, Assistant Managing Editor

I’m only a couple chapters into East of Eden, but the amazing down-to-the-last-detail descriptions of California’s Salinas Valley have me hooked. The Nobel-winning author John Steinbeck considered it his magnus opus, and I can already see why. Such beautiful writing!

east-of-eden emily-picks

I’ve been listening to Haim on repeat for the last few weeks—you might say I’m obsessed. Their music is updated SoCal, ‘90s-inflected folk-pop. Also, they’re fulfilling my family band fantasy. The band is made up of three Los Angeles-born sisters: Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim. Best of all, they’re backed by Hova himself. Their debut album comes out in September—a good thing, because I’ve been listening to the same three songs on loop.


Last night, at the FLARE summer bash, I fell in love…not with a colleague, but with cheese. Though I’ve always been smitten by all things dairy, my love affair with le fromage was cemented last night when I tasted the delicious cheeses provided by CHEESEWERKS, a local Toronto restaurant and caterer specializing solely in artisan cheese. If there were ever a need for the word ‘cheeserie,’ there is now. Though, the Toronto restaurant isn’t the only Canadian cheese maker that has got my stomach in a knot. For those of you in Ottawa, try The House of Cheese downtown in the ByWard Market. If on the west coast in Vancouver, try Benton Brothers. Out on the east coast? Treat yourself to a slice at Halifax’s Sweet Hereafter Cheese Cakery. Trust me, all of them are equally as tasty.

Image courtesy of CHEESEWERKS

Image courtesy of CHEESEWERKS