Editors' Picks: 5 Favourite GRAMMY Nominees

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Drake, “0 to 100/The Catch Up”
Nominated For: Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance

One day after work this past summer, I was driving some colleagues to an event (okay, it was a FLARE team BBQ and we were cruising over to KFC to pick up a bucket) when Drake’s “0 to 100” came on the radio. I did the moral thing and cranked that shit all the way up, prompting entertainment editor Briony Smith, who was sitting shotgun, to ask about Mr. Graham: “Would you hit it?” The correct answer to this question is: hellllll no. “Drake is the softest man alive,” I told her point-blank. “But I like this song.” I hope it wins. #realquick —Nancy Won, senior fashion features editor

Nicki Minaj, Anaconda”
Nominated For: Best Rap Song

This year, Nicki Minaj blessed us all with a killer track that combined a Sir-Mix-a-Lot sample, anacondas (R.I.P. #EggplantFriday), and butts. “Anaconda” pretty much checks every box when I evaluate whether or not a song belongs on my iTunes. Even better? I got to see everyone in the office lose their damn minds to it on the dance floor at our company’s holiday party. That fun fact in and of itself makes this song worthy of a GRAMMY (don’t worry, esteemed FLARE colleagues: I won’t sell you out). —Michael Li Preti, designer

Sia, “Chandelier
Nominated for: Record of the Year, Song of the Year, Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Music Video

​I don’t think I’ve had a “Chandelier”-free day since the very first time I heard Sia’s brilliantly catchy song on the radio. If I’m not playing it on iTunes or streaming the video on Vimeo, I’m singing it in the shower (I tend to skip the notes in the highest register for fear of shattering the glass door, or my partner’s eardrums). The timbre of what has been described as her “crying-all-night voice” makes my heart hurt, but in a good way. She’s nominated for four GRAMMYs this year and deserves every one of them, not only because she is a gifted singer and songwriter who has fought her way back from the dark depths of depression and drug addiction, but because she is probably the only pop star who can perform with her back to the audience and still command attention. ​—Cameron Williamson, editor-in-chief

Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne, “Rather Be”
Nominated for: Best Dance Recording

Critics have called this song infectious, and I am not immune. As soon as the violin kicks in and Jess Glynne starts singing, I am physically incapable of sitting still. I’ve listened to “Rather Be” so many times, it’s banned from my apartment. As I type this, I tell my boyfriend I need to listen to it again “for research,” and he puts his giant, noise-cancelling headphones on. Fine by me. Means I can blast it a few (read: 10) more times. And don’t even get me started on the video. The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo gets the trippy treatment, as patrons inexplicably morph into members of Clean Bandit. —Tara MacInnis, editorial coordinator

Louis CK, Oh My God
Nominated for: Best Comedy Album

Okay, okay, so it’s more like an hour-long song than, like, a song-song, but out of all the nominees this year, this special moved me far, far more than any of the music. In addition to being my #1 Offbeat Pop Culture Boyfriend (#wouldhit), Louie is also one of the best comics working today. His bits about sex, relationships and the delicacies and dangers of dating are usually my favourite, and Oh My God has a humdinger of a bit, where Louie discusses the bravery required of a lady for going on a date with a dude (“There is no greater threat to women, than men. We’re the number-one cause of injury and mayhem to women. We’re the worst thing that ever happens to them!”) to men having to risk death by bear-lion hybrid for the rest of their lives. —Briony Smith, entertainment editor

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