Dunzo For A Decade! 10 Laguna Beach GIFs to Treasure

Because “what happens in Cabo, stays in Cabo." Sort of...

Today marks 10 years (!!) since MTV’s seminal reality teen drama, Laguna Beach: The Real Orange Country, went off the air and we don’t know about you but we’ll be spending all day falling down an LC x Stephen x Kristin rabbit hole. From eye-rolling at Trey’s BBQ to being stoked about a Blink 182 concert (??) and surfing the tumultuous waves of Kristin’s constant #dramadramadrama. It was the best of times, it was the bitchiest of times, all set to the sappy beats of Hilary Duff’s let the raaaaaaain fall down and wake my dreams.” Join us on a gossip-laced, love triangle-peppered California road trip down memory lane with these iconic GIFs to treasure forever.

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