The Dirty Dancing Remake: Everything We Know From Instagram!

A slew of stars from the remake—including Abigail Breslin, Sarah Hyland and Debra Messing—have dropped BTS images on Instagram over the past few days—and let's just say we're pretty freaking excited

A few cast members from the hotly-anticipated Dirty Dancing TV movie—which includes Abigail Breslin (who plays Frances “Baby” Houseman, originally played by Jennifer Grey), Sarah Hyland, Colt Prattes (as dance instructor Johnny Castle, Patrick Swayze’s breakthrough role), Debra Messing and Trevor Einhorn—gave us the first inside look of the upcoming “ABC Original Movie Event” on Instagram. And let’s just say it’s getting us real excited for the three-hour remake of the 1987 blockbuster, which premieres on May 24. Long live the Kellerman Resort!

“Casually dancing around a fireplace, as one does,” Breslin captioned the above pic

“AND just casually dippin’ around a fireplace. Also as one does,” she captioned a second pic.

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Colton Prattes—a legit dancer who has toured with Pink (in one “sensual acrobatic routine,” she did the splits on his shoulders)—dubbed this scene his “favourite moment of the film.”

“First look at Lisa Houseman!” was the caption of this cute shot from Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland, who plays Baby’s older (and meaner!) sister.

“The Catskills are alive with music,” riffed Debra Messing—who plays Baby’s mom, Marjorie—in a bit of musical humour on the caption for this awesome photo collage. (According to Us Weeklythe Will & Grace star has also recorded a few songs for the soundtrack—including “(I’ve Had) The Time of My Life” and “Big Girls Don’t Cry.”

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“Neil and the Houseman’s getting lit AF,” Trevor Einhorn captioned this photo of his character, Neil Kellerman, the heir to the Kellerman resort who has a mad crush on Baby in the flick. (He’s also Daddy-approved, unlike dance instructor Johnny.)

Swipe through the gallery to see official pics and that iconic Dirty Dancing lift! 

OK, now we totally can’t get “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life” out of our heads.

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