December Horoscope

Your astrological guide to the coming month


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Nov 22 – Dec 21
‘Tis the season to be frantic, but also for miracles. At least one big wish can come true as soon as next month, but it’s a case of “be careful what you wish for,” so think twice about what you
truly desire. It’s one big party month for you, which means the NewYear hangover might kick in early. Make a few resolutions—you’re usually not good at keeping them, but 2011 will be different.

Dec 22 – Jan 19
It’s been smooth sailing for you, so why does everyone else keep rocking the boat? Don’t waste time trying to steer them right. Instead, plot your long-term course: visualize, plan, refine. The big reveal will come some time after New Year’s Eve. Until then, follow Venus’s lead as she waltzes through your party sector. Someone could teach you a new step or two as you make some holiday magic of the romantic kind.

Jan 20 – Feb 18
It’s easy to get swept away as a flurry of invites quickly becomes a blizzard. But you have important decisions to make, so initiate crucial talks over the eggnog. Voice your aspirations and expectations while you’re at it. By the holidays you’ll have time to nurture all those recently neglected relationships. First on the list is that guy with whom you’d most like to be snowbound.

Feb 19 – Mar 20
You not only know how to work a crowd, you’re an energy powerhouse on all fronts. Which means you’ll give your job 110 percent—a strategy that will pay off big-time in the new year.
But home is where your heart is late in the month. It will fall on you to keep the celebrations light instead of doused in drama. Maintain an open door policy and keep the mistletoe where it will do the most good.

Mar 21 – Apr 19
Tired of picking up the dominoes others kicked over? At least you’re still standing. Remember: Take no prisoners. Just delay any major job changes or new projects until the new year. You won’t miss a single holiday soirée, kicking up those kitten heels to great effect. You’re not exactly subtle now, but he’ll definitely get the message.

Apr 20 – May 20
While others are in full-on frantic mode, you remain steady as a rock. But with Venus heating things up, that sun destination package-for-two sounds like the best holiday gift ever. Wrap it up before the 10th though, because after that travel plans tend to unravel. You can still take a chance on love through the holidays, but just say no to all impulse purchases to avoid a budgetary hangover.

May 21 – Jun 20
Rejection always hurts, especially at the ATM . Money hassles can be avoided, but only if you double-check all statements and receipts. Apply for loans next month. Meanwhile, your stock soars at work, and Venus gets you past the velvet rope just about anywhere. You’ll be the life of the office party. Think twice about a workplace romance, though—it’s likely just the mistletoe talking.

Jun 21 – Jul 22
Do lousy assignments get dumped on your desk? Folks ducking into the bathroom when the bill arrives? It is possible to overdo the people-pleaser thing. Set limits and flex your self assertion muscles. But stay a softy with your family for the holidays. Some playtime with the kids or those who are young at heart refreshes you.

Jul 23 – Aug 22
Work that organizer app! With Mercury backpedalling, you can easily end up at the right meeting on the wrong day, or vice versa. You’ll want to keep track of all those cocktail
dates and whatnot. It comes to a head around the lunar eclipse, after which you’ll see your relationship in a whole new light—or you’ll just lighten up. Either way, it’s all good.

Aug 23 – Sep 22
The devil is in the details. And thanks to Mercury in retrograde, there are a fiendish number of loose ends to tie. The key to a heavenly holiday is in your current attitude. Ditch the  micromanaging. Instead, embrace the chaos, duck out for some spontaneous visits and shopping excursions, and make the first move if he won’t. A career move is in the works for the new year.

Sep 23 – Oct 22
Ah, the holidays! The perfect excuse to throw as many parties as possible and deck the halls (and yourself) with some glitz. The icing on the fruitcake: Venus in your money zone helps you with a possible raise or bonus. Just don’t drain it with a gift-buying spree. A holiday proposal requires clear thinking, too, so easy on the bubbly.

Oct 23 – Nov 21
Venus in your sign bestows charisma to spare. It’s up to you how you work it (and around whom). A lunar eclipse triggers your love of skating on the edge. Take risks with last-minute gift choices or ditching a family get-together, but not with your credit limit.