Channing Tatum to Star in Gender-Swap Splash Remake

Your man Chan continues to defy expectations with a leading role in a Splash remake opposite funny lady Jillian Bell that will see him sporting a merman tail—but we still expect dancing

channing tatum splash

(Photo: All Access Photo Group/Splash News and Pictures)

Oh what a time to be alive. Eighties movie remakes are rarely interesting enough to move the needle (unless one unleashes a tsunami of racism and misogyny), but this news is worthy of every hysterical tweet.

After all, it’s not every day that the world is told it can expect a merman Channing Tatum starring opposite Jillian Bell—she of the I-know-her-from-somewhere-and-she’s-reliably-great lineage, a la Kathryn Hahn—for a gender reversed remake of 1984 Ron Howard comedy Splash.

In case you don’t remember—or weren’t born yet—Splash was a modern-day (HAHAHA) fairytale that saw a young boy rescued from a near-drowning by a mermaid; years later, he finds himself reunited with the mythical creature—played by Daryl Hannah, making the best case for crimped hair ever—when she again saves him from a watery grave. (Note to Tom Hanks: stay away from open water!) They subsequently fall in love, and try to hide her mermaid lineage from the human masses.

The movie also had something of a moral twist with scheming scientists and opportunistic businessmen, personified by a pitch-perfect Eugene Levy, getting wind of the existence of a real-life mermaid and looking to put her on display like a circus sideshow.

The notion of Bell as the heiress apparent to Tom Hanks’ comedic throne is an inspired choice (congrats, Hollywood!), while Tatum continues to prove his career choices will keep us guessing—although we’re sure even a merman tail won’t stop him from dancing.

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