Briony Reads the Meanest Comments from Her Trolls | Briony's Teeny-Tiny Talk Show

"Kill yourself." "I hate your ugly face." "Put some clothes on." "Briony is a fucking cancer on the human race." "She's a butterface." In Part 1 of our Anti-Bullying Day Special, Briony reads out a chic sampling of the horrible comments left by Internet trolls on Briony's Teeny-Tiny Talk Show episodes, and ponders the sad psychology of strangers spewing anonymous abuse all over YouTube channels, social feeds and comments sections (like, quick Q: would they be cool with letting their mom or kid or boss see this stuff?!). Don't forget to tune in next week for Part 2 of our Anti-Bullying Day Special, where Scaachi Koul joins us on the #BrionysTeenyTiny couch to talk about why these people think it's okay—and the online harassment she has endured as an outspoken woman of colour.