5 Best Moments From the Beauty and The Beast Trailer

In honour of fall's most anticipated trailer *finally* dropping, a.k.a. all our Disney dreams coming true, we counted down our top five fave moments

The teaser trailer for Disney’s new live-action Beauty and the Beast—starring Emma Watson—caused a collective Internet swoon (and scored 20 million views), and now, finally, the full-length trailer is here. It’s racked up almost a quarter-million views in four hours—at least 100 of those bad boys coming straight from FLARE HQ—showing that Belle fever is just as high as ever. The movie opens four loooong months from now, but, until then, here are the best trailer moments to savour in the meantime.

1. Those dance sequences
Rows upon rows upon rows of white ball gowns twirling in perfect formation! Did you really think Disney would release a movie without incredibly choreographed dance numbers? C’mon.

beauty and the beast trailer

2. Belle being a badass
Sure, Belle may be the Beast’s captive, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be tough AF. The princess singlehandedly takes on an angry wolf pack with nothing but a log. #goals

beauty and the beast trailer

3. The Enchanted Mirror
The item that topped every little girl’s wish list circa 1991 gets a srsly ornate upgrade and we LOVE it.

beauty and the beast trailer

4. Mrs. Potts, a.k.a. Emma Thompson
Everybody’s fave wisdom-dispensing crockery has been brought to life by FLARE fave Emma Thompson. If anyone can make a teapot seem like a total role model, it’s her.

beauty and the beast trailer

5. The. Yellow. Dress.
Of course we can’t forget about the swoon-worthy costumes, but this pale-sunshine number is the ultimate scene-stealer. Complete with all the bare-shouldered, big-bowed charm of the animated version, we can’t wait to see it up-close on the big screen!
beauty and the beast trailer

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