JoJo Fletcher's Advice for Nick & Vanessa + More Bachelor Nation Goss

Former Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher (now v. happily engaged to super hottie Jordan Rodgers) stopped by FLARE HQ to talk all things Bachelor—including the season 21 finale, her enduring bestieship with Becca and her Smartfood obsesh

1. She was rooting for Shark Girl

“From the get-go I knew that [Vanessa] was probably going to be the one, I just had a feeling. I think their chemistry was totally undeniable. But you know who I [was rooting for since night one] was Alexis. I tweeted out that night, “My money’s on shark girl,” because you know, I came out in a unicorn mask. And now I see her social media and I’m just like ‘this girl is so funny.’ I hope she’s on Paradise.”

2. Her advice for Nick and Vanessa 

“I think when you’re in a situation like this you have to go in expecting that you’re going to get criticism and you’re going to have people that are going to read things the wrong way and that are going to judge you. If I were to give them any advice [it would be] to know that it’s going to get worse before it gets better. But if you can make it through that and work on that communication and strengthen your relationship, you should be fine. I would just tell them to try not to listen to the negative comments because it can get to you.”

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3. She calls Becca her sister (and they love to cuddle)

“I didn’t walk away finding my love with Ben [Higgins] but I found it with Becca. She’s one of my best friends now; she’s like my sister. We have this relationship where its like, we’re so close now at this point that really you can just say whatever is on your mind. If I’m annoying her, if she’s annoying me, we know when to give each other space but then at the end of the night we’ll be cuddling. She’s awesome.”

4. She did her own hair when she was the Bachelorette

“You know when you kind of just know how to do your own hair and then sometimes, no matter how great somebody is at doing it, it’s just not how you like it? So yeah, I did my hair the whole season. I probably could have used someone because I didn’t change it up that much and looking back, I wish I would have tried more styles, maybe a ponytail or something like that.”

5. She was originally supposed to be on Chris Soules’ season (and was clearly destined to meet Becca) 

“I was supposed to be, or got through the process on Chris Soules’ season and ended up pulling out kind of last minute. So now Becca and I have this inside joke that we were destined to meet each other.”

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6. She had a MAJOR wardrobe malfunction on Ben’s season of The Bachelor 

“When Ben and I were in Jamaica and we jumped into the waterfall, my entire swimsuit came off. I stayed under water and I was trying to get it on before I came out. And they were like ‘Is she alive, is she drowning?’ But I was struggling!”

7. The lead gets a lot of quality hangout time with Chris Harrison

“It’s so different when you’re a part of the cast, you don’t get to see [Chris Harrison] as much. You see him for Rose Ceremonies and for setting up dates but you don’t really get a lot of down time with him. When you’re the lead, you travel with him, you eat dinners together. So you really form this friendship, he was another support system for me. He’s great.”

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