Bachelorette Castoff Dating Profiles!

They've bid adieu to JoJo, now these dudes need to strike Tinder (and Match.com, and eHarmony) while their D-list fame is hot. Here, we present dating profiles for our favourite Bachelorette castoffs: the good, the bad and the boner-specialists (hi, Evan!)

On this week’s very dramatic episode of The Bachelorette, JoJo bid a teary farewell to Alex and James Taylor, two men who she could never imagine having sex with were not “the one.” Parting is such sweet sorrow and all that, but don’t cry for them (Argentina). In fact, don’t feel bad for any of Jojo’s castoffs, because there is a world of women out there, just dying to find love with a guy who can start sentences with, “When I was living in The Bachelor mansion…”

With that in mind—and inspired by the awesomeness that is Chad’s recently discovered Tinder and Match.com profiles—we went ahead and whipped up dating profiles for some of The Bachelorette’s most memorable castoffs.

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